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“Dr. Paul Elias Alexander:  He Exposed Fauci’s Fallacies and Got Harassed and Fired from HHS for Telling the Truth”
By John Dale Dunn, M. D.




Dr. Paul Elias Alexander was a well-credentialed, internationally known epidemiologist invited by Trump administration officials to be part of the COVID 19 response team at the White House in April of 2020. He packed up his family, leaving a secure and prominent position in Canada to move to Washington, DC.  

But then he criticized the public health mandates by Drs. Fauci, Collins, and Birx, and showed them research that proved they were wrong about lockdowns, school closings, masking, and social distancing.

Following that, he was silenced, harassed, and then fired. 

…I was enraged reading Dr. Alexander's personal account, excerpted below, telling of the DC savagery.  I knew he had left McMaster University in Ontario where he was part of the GRADE Working Group, an international consortium of medical researchers promoting reliable, evidence-based medical research (EBM).

Doctor Alexander has been a stand-up man advocating good medical science his whole career. The details of this truthful doctor’s mistreatment in DC were shocking and maddening. 

Excerpts below tell the story of Dr. Alexander in DC via his essay.  I will provide excerpts and ellipses to get you through the 3000-plus word essay.  Read the whole essay at this link.


The attack by Fauci and the CDC and NIH on me, with the DC press, was to silence me because I told Fauci and NIH they were wrong and did not understand the data/science on lockdowns/masks.

…The entire matter I wish to share today showed me just how powerless POTUS Trump was in the DC bureaucracy swamp and yes, I was there, I worked there for a short while, and there is a real deep state, it is real and it is devastating if you are the target.

The essential elements of the destructive deep state

Trump was the target and the deep state with CDC and NIH and the press, worked daily to destroy Trump.

The deep state is the ‘entrenched bureaucracy’ and Trump had no chance against it for he mistakenly appointed and surrounded himself with ineffective backstabbers and deep state people who themselves worked against him. They damaged him. As they told me, ‘he is only visiting, we run things’. . . .

1) I was asked to work for the Trump administration. . . . I arrived early May 2020; I was asked because of my academic background and work I was doing . . .  The pandemic’s Task Force was already on deck (e.g. Fauci, Birx etc. for 3 months or so) and the daily clown car was ongoing and the effects of their lockdowns and school closures were already gripping society, killing people.

3) My office in DC was in HHS . . .

4) I went to the White House for meetings . . .

5).... I was already working for WHO/PAHO from mid-2019 as a consultant helping build a training program/document on EBM epidemiology etc. for low and middle nations.

6)   . . .I do think that the lockdowns hurt him [Trump] terribly . . . and he failed to fire Fauci and Birx day 1 (among others). . . they devastated his administration and they worked along with others, to harm his pandemic response, . . . (Fauci and Birx) caused the death of thousands; not the virus, but their polices. . .

The cancellation of Dr. Alexander

7) When I got to DC in early May, I was informed by high up people, that the bureaucracy has decided that it will not complete my hire and paperwork so that [I] would be frustrated and leave DC

8) . . . it was difficult for I was operating in my capacity but no formal paperwork, though I had badge, equipment and attended meetings officially. . .  I was designated a ‘volunteer’ . . .  [emphasis added]

9) . . . the bureaucracy did not understand how come I did not quit . . . I was not paid; and each day it was difficult for my family . . . had no income

10) . . . after a long while of this, and my going to office daily and doing the job I was assigned as a senior COVID pandemic advisor to the A Secretary at HHS for POTUS Trump, I finally got an initial pay check from the US Department of Defense. . .  I was not being paid and I grew to know the senior leaders of the military . . .

11) I was told I was not going to be given any of the back pay for the months/time.

12). . .  CDC and NIH decided to leak our e-mails

15) I read it (the previously described emails for deep state sources) for I was in the e-mail chain and I decided to inform all, including Fauci and NIH and CDC officials, that he and the NIH and CDC did not know the science, were not updated on it, and did not understand it for the science showed children had such low risk of infection and actual transmission, and that the masks were essentially junk, ineffective; I attached about 10-15 studies that were out and that showed that children did not need to be kept out of school.

16) . . . NIH and CDC did not approve of me calling them or Fauci out. . .

17) There was a meeting at HHS a day or so after. . .

18). . . I was told that because I called NIH, CDC, and Fauci out openly and said they did not know the science, that they decided they were going to ‘cut my balls off’; that they and Fauci were outraged that I would call him out and state that he did not know the data or science and should read up on it, and that they, Fauci et al. would ensure my name was zero and could not work ever in DC and my career would be over, that they would ensure my name was destroyed . . . if I apologized to Fauci, if they would stop; I was told no, that they, Fauci, Francis Collins, NIH, and CDC officials would ensure I was ‘silenced effectively’; I was told para ‘no, it’s already done Paul’. . .  if you read the full communications, the text before and after that they leaked, you would understand how filthy and vile the media is+ [emphasis added]

19) Exactly as I just wrote, near word for word, it happened and it was hell, devastating hell for the White House reacted by silencing me, telling me due to the election, they wanted the story to die  . . .

20) . . . I was told by a senior official that Fauci and NIH and CDC had gotten the bureaucracy to move to terminate me for my calling him out. . . I was told and that I had to give back the laptop, and any material etc. by 4 pm.

Declaring Trump a eunuch

21 . . . many calls took place . . . WH oval people could hear the bureaucracy people’s statements; so WH oval people were screaming at me on one phone to DO NOT give them any paper or any resignation, just turn off the phone, don’t talk to them, and take a few days off, and the HR bureaucracy was telling me each time the WH oval persons spoke that if they have nothing by me at 4.01 they will fire me; to not listen to the WH, and they then said if I resigned they will give me 2 weeks’ pay, this after they refused to pay me all along;

23). . . the HR bureaucracy told me that POTUS Trump is powerless, he has no power, I was not a political appointee and because the first pay check I got from Department of Defense was as a federal employee for my designation was changed to this, then in their words para ‘we the bureaucracy run things, not Trump and he had no power and we do not care what he says. . .’

24). . . I was treated like pure garbage that afternoon; needless to say, I just could not take the stress anymore and hated it all and I resigned and as they said, I myself heard it officially, for the press inquired, and the statement on the WH site was that I had resigned. My services were no longer needed.

25) So yes, Fauci did work to silence and cancel and punish me but their problem is now since leaving, I am using my intellect, my skills, my knowledge, and some very good technical relationships and friends, to punish them, daily, I do it daily for I will not let them go, Fauci, NIH, CDC, I will continue to show and write and talk as to how inept, incompetent, reckless, corrupt, and dangerous they have all been and their actions, FAUCI’s particularly, have costed lives and sometime he must be investigated properly and legally, including as to his role in gain-of-function (as I do believe he had a role in this virus, many of them and we need to know if a financial one too…

Pfizer offers a bribe

Pfizer Vaccine/Pharmaceutical company offered Dr. Alexander and he refused a 1 million dollar signing bonus with a 50 K monthly payment.  The Pfizer bribe was obviously intended to shut him up. 

I must agree with Dr. Alexander that reliable evidence-based medicine is now dead because of political and ideologically driven junk science. All public official medical/scientific opinions, even journal publications and textbook materials are contaminated by leftist and oligarchic ideology. 


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