Election Rigging: Part 1 of 8”
By Henry W. Burke

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On August 25, 2020 Hillary Clinton uttered her famous statement, “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.”  Clearly, the Democrats had a plan well ahead of time to steal the elections, no matter what the voters decided!

Bid Rigging

In the construction industry, certain construction companies have been known to practice “Bid Rigging.”  The construction contractors in a given city (like New York City or Boston) would get together ahead of time to formulate a plan to divide up the city construction contracts.  They decided among themselves which contractor would be low bidder on a given contract.  For example, Contractor “A” would be the low bidder on Contract #1.  On Contract #2,  Contractor “B” would be the low bidder, and so forth.

Of course, Bid Rigging is illegal; numerous laws have been enacted to prevent this unethical and illegal practice.

Most owners, clients and contracting agencies have adopted practices to ensure that contracts are awarded fairly.  Typical practices work very well.  The bid date is established and advertised for a particular project.  The sealed bids are opened publicly and read at the specified time.  Under no circumstances will late bids be accepted.  After the owner has evaluated all of the submitted bids, the contract is typically awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.

With these practices in place, one contractor does not know what the other contractors are bidding until after the bid opening.  The same thing should hold true for elections.

Election Rigging

In past Presidential Elections, the winner was typically determined and announced by Election Night or the day after (November 3 or 4). 

Of course, the infamous 2000 Election stands out where Al Gore contested the election results in Florida. After 36 days and numerous court challenges, the Supreme Court determined that George W. Bush was the winner. 

In this Presidential Election, vote tallies were reported in the late hours of November 3 and early morning hours on November 4.  President Donald J. Trump was well ahead of Joe Biden in a number of key states.

Because the Democrats knew the vote totals for President Trump in these key states, they simply needed to “find” enough votes to erase the President’s lead.  This is “election rigging” at its finest!

The Democrats’ Plan to Steal (Rig) the Election

In a September 25, 2020 Breitbart article, the authors clearly enumerated a seven-step plan that the Democrats would use to win/steal the 2020 Election.


The steps include the following:

1. Use the pandemic to push for a nationwide vote-by-mail scheme.

2. Enlist various messengers (Mainstream media, Big Tech, etc.) to push for vote-by-mail.

3. Force millions of questionable mail-in ballots into the system.

4. Send Democrat lawyers into the key districts, and use the courts to limit verification of votes.  Keep the vote count going as long as possible.

5. Set expectations that the election will not be decided on November 3.

6. Challenge the election results in court.

7. Let Chief Justice John Roberts or Nancy Pelosi pick the next President.

The Breitbart authors captured the Democrat strategy over one month before the election. 

Without a doubt, COVID-19 (i.e., China Virus) served the Democrats very well.  Joe Biden falsely claimed that President Trump mishandled the pandemic; and many gullible voters swallowed this narrative.  With COVID as an excuse, the Democrats pushed millions of people into voting by mail.  This mechanism was absolutely essential to their plan!  

Examples of Voting Fraud

Hundreds of examples of voter fraud could be cited in the key states, but one location will provide a glimpse of the problem.  Patrick Colbeck described numerous examples of voting fraud in Detroit, Michigan.  Colbeck is an Aerospace Engineer and former Michigan State Senator, who thoroughly understands the voting rules.  He explained that a “Poll Watcher” can only watch the vote counting; whereas, a “Poll Challenger” can watch and challenge what is happening.  Patrick Colbeck was a Poll Challenger.


Patrick Colbeck documented the following examples of voter fraud:

1. Vote Tally Boards were blank, yet election officials were reporting results.  No printouts existed for the final vote tally in each precinct.

2. Dead people voted.  The official records show that dead people voted in this election.  Amazingly, Michigan seems to have one of the largest populations of people (voters) over 120 years old in the country!

3. Separate poll books were used in Michigan, which allowed people to vote on both an absentee ballot and in person at the polls.  (Who says you can’t vote twice?)

4. Ballot-harvesting was used where people can drop ballots into drop boxes which were not monitored 24/7.

5. Ballot envelopes came through without a signature or ballot number.

6. Tabulation of votes occurred without poll watchers. Republican poll watchers were rejected.  Only three Republican poll workers were there out of 136 slots.

7. COVID rules were central to obstruction of the voting process.  The famous 6-ft. rule was used to prevent verification of the voting process.  “There’s an old adage attributed to Josef Stalin: ‘It’s not he who votes that counts, it’s he who counts the votes that counts.”’

8. Witnesses were blocked during the counting of military ballots.

9. No chain of custody was used to maintain voting integrity. 

10. Suspicious incidents were observed.  There was a quiet period between midnight and 5 a.m. A truckload of ballots was dropped off in the staging area around 5 a.m.  Did the 100,000 to 200,000 vote-switch occur during this period?


It is very clear that voter fraud (election rigging) took place in the 2020 Election.  Numerous other items could be included in this discussion.  For example, various computer programs (e.g., Dominion Voting Systems, Hammer/Scorecard, etc.) facilitated vote-switching; and vote-harvesting was rampant.  Even though the primary focus is on the Presidential Election, the fraud permeated the other elected offices, as well.  The President Donald Trump Team and the U.S. Department of Justice must aggressively pursue this glaring example of election rigging.  If the Democrats’ 2020 Election scheme is allowed to stand, America will never again have a free and fair election!

Henry W. Burke