Election Rigging - Documentary Reveals Who Is Trying To Steal America: Part 8 of 8”
By Henry W. Burke

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This captivating documentary on the 2020 Election is absolutely the best and most complete account on this very important Presidential Election.

World Exclusive: 1st Documentary Movie on 2020 Election Investigation---Who Is Stealing America?”  By The Epoch Times

(Premiered December 21, 2020)



These are a few highlights from the documentary movie (with time marks in parentheses):

1. Dominion Voting machine “glitches” are actually design features to allow people to manipulate the election. One month before the election, the parent company of Dominion received $400 million in funding. (0:15)

2. The 2020 Elections hit. The 59th Presidential Election garnered a historic turnout from the American people. Compared to the 2016 Election, 20 million more votes were counted. (2:12)

3. On November 3, Election Night was upon us. Yet, after midnight, no clear victory celebration was in sight. (2:32)

4. The counting in swing states paused. Donald Trump’s campaign said it would demand a stop on counting ballots and would take legal proceedings all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court. (2:43)

5. Almost unanimously, the mainstream media (MSM) ignored the pending legal challenges. Four days later, the mainstream media declared Joe Biden the winner and the President-Elect. (2:55)

6. The most startling allegations of voting irregularities began to surface. Insidious fraud and stealing the election were evident. (3:18)

7. Because the U. S. is the beacon of democracy, the integrity of the U. S. election affects not only the U. S. but also the entire world. (3:40)

8. By midnight on Nov. 3, Trump and Biden had won their expected strongholds. The key swing state of Florida with 29 Electoral College votes went for Trump. Projections indicated Biden would not win. Trump had 120 Electoral votes and Biden had 115 Electoral votes. (4:30)

9. Then something unexpected happened. The results were frozen. The key swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia suspended their vote counts. It happened almost simultaneously across those states. Because they were counting their mail-in ballots, this delayed the final result. (4:48)

10. After midnight, at 12:49 a.m. on Nov. 4, Trump sent a tweet: “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!” (5:15)

11. Around 2:00 a.m. on Nov. 4, President Trump appeared at the White House to proclaim an impending victory. He said he would take the election fight to the Supreme Court if need be. He said he wanted all voting to stop and that it was not right to find ballots at 4:00 in the morning on Nov. 4 and add them to the counts. (5:20)

12. When the sun came up on Nov. 4, Trump’s lead in several swing states had disappeared. (6:00)

13. Wisconsin had resumed counting around 4 a.m. and Michigan around 6 a.m. Both states showed a sudden spike in votes. They received over 100,000 votes, nearly all for Biden. (6:15)

14. Biden’s deficit behind Trump became a small but sustained lead. Mainstream Media on Nov. 7 declared Biden was the victor even though no state had certified the results and no electors had been appointed. (6:30)

15. The Trump Campaign began suing in a number of states which could change the election results. The count that came in early on the morning of Nov. 4 did not add up. (6:50)

16. What exactly happened before dawn on Nov. 4? Not a single news agency provided an explanation. (7:05)

17. On Nov. 4, within 7 seconds after 6:31 a.m., Michigan saw a sudden influx of 149,722 votes of which 141,258  (94.3 %) were for Biden. Only 4 % were for Trump. This abnormal spike in votes resulted in Biden closing the gap in Michigan and overtaking Trump. (8:30)

18. Checking the New York Times database, Wisconsin displayed similar abnormalities. Between 3:37 and 3:42 a.m. local time, 168,386 votes were tallied of which 143,379 votes (85 %) were for Biden; and 25,163 votes (14.9 %) were for Trump. (9:00)

19. Before that 5 minutes, Trump had always been in the lead. This abnormality reversed the situation in Wisconsin and gave Biden the lead. In the currently contested Wisconsin election, Biden leads Trump by only 20,608 votes. (9:30)

20. More swing states, such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona, all had similar anomalies in their vote counts. (9:55)

21. Despite these abnormal statistics, the MSM have continued to present only one-sided interpretations that clearly favor Biden. (10:04)




Time Mark

Introduction --  Biggest Controversy in 2020 0:00
Part 1 The Night of Anomalies 4:02
Abnormalities in Real-Time Data 7:35
Part 2 Isolated Cases or Systemic Fraud? 13:15
Data Anomalies 21:38
Part 3 Is Dominion Secure? 33:06
Part 4 Who Is Stealing America? 44:27
Dominion Voting Systems 44:32
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 46:50
CCP connections to Dominion 49:00
Part 5 The Subversion of America 55:34
Who are the old friends of the CCP? 1:03:25
George Soros 1:12:53
Hunter Biden Corruption 1:13:35
2020 Election 1:17:15
Big Tech – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter 1:17:15
Google search results and Twiddler 1:19:50
Campaign to impeach Donald Trump 1:22:05
Election fraud in 2020 Election 1:20:53
Part 6 The Fight for America’s Freedom 1:22:55
End End of Documentary Movie 1:33:40

Henry W. Burke