From Practicing Physician: The Truth About COVID Hysteria”
By Donna Garner

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[Comments from Donna Garner:  I heard from a practicing physician friend of ours yesterday. He is a doctor in the southeastern part of the United States. This is what he texted.]  

Certainly the numbers of COVID patients are up, but we knew this was going to happen as part of the concept of flattening the curve, meaning the spreading out of cases over ensuing months.

What happens in the hospital is that anyone who is COVID or is a COVID Rule-Out [i.e., someone who has COVID-suspected symptoms] is listed as a COVID patient.  That requires a negative pressure room [i.e., airborne infection isolation room controlled through heating, ventilation, and air conditioning -- such as an ICU room], or they have designated wards where they have only COVID or COVID Rule-Outs. Keep in mind that most of the COVID Rule-Outs end up not having COVID.

When you hear about hospitals on divert [i.e., when ambulances are told not to take patients to a certain hospital because they are full], it’s because they’ve run out of designated wards for COVID patients. Then the hospital decides to open up another COVID ward, and they are no longer on divert status.

A pulmonary specialist told me last night that in their entire 345 bed hospital, there are 2 patients with COVID on the vent. So the bottom line is that there are more COVID patients, and there are a lot of COVID Rule-Outs in the hospital plus a lot of relatively asymptomatic outpatients who have been found to have COVID.  The way it comes across when it is reported is that “As we feared, we’re running out of ventilators.”  That’s simply not true.

Watch the news carefully over the next couple of weeks as more information is coming out about the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine that most people received when they were kids. It seems that this MMR vaccine leads to immunity from COVID.  That is why large population centers within the last couple of years that had campaigns to vaccinate the population with MMR are not having COVID breakouts.  This has been the case in South Africa, India, and Hong Kong.  [MMR vaccinations are given to all U. S. Navy recruits.  Out of 955 sailors on the U.S.S. Roosevelt, only one of those who tested positive for COVID-19 had to be hospitalized.  The rest had milder symptoms.]

It may be that the “COVID vaccine” (for which we are waiting) could end up being a booster shot for MMR for all adults and anyone who has never had COVID before!  There’s plenty of supply, and this could happen over the course of the next month.” [6.19.20 – “MMR Vaccine Could Protect Against the Worst Symptoms of COVID-19” -- https://asm.org/Press-Releases/2020/MMR-Vaccine-Could-Protect-Against-the-Worst-Sympto]