Full List of Biden’s Destructive Executive Orders”
By Donna Garner



Biden’s list of executive orders illustrates why 80 million patriotic voters chose Trump in the Nov. 2020 elections, and we won.  We knew the destructive plans a Biden Presidency would generate.  

This executive order list of Biden’s is also why the far-leftists along with the RINO’s and media plotted and then put an illegitimate President in the White House.  Biden is their dream come true.  He is certainly not going to shake up and take out the Deep State.  They can put any far, left-wing proposal in front of him; and he will sign it.  We all know that Biden is not running this country.  Kamala Harris, et al. are.

However, nothing is forever; Numbers 32:23 “Their sins will find them out.”  They are already beginning to turn upon each other “and eat their young.”  First to go will be Gov. Cuomo.  Hopefully, he will be followed by Gov. Newsom, Gov. Whitmer, and others as the people (bipartisan) rise up and take back their states one at a time.

If we in the public keep pressuring our state legislators to fix the election rigging problems, hopefully we can have free and fair elections again.

LIST OF BIDEN’S DESTRUCTIVE EXECUTIVE ORDERS SO FAR:  https://brigittegabriel.com/news/record-69-executive-orders-and-actions-already-taken-by-president-biden


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