8.19.22 – Campaign for Working Families

“Good News”
From Gary Bauer

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  • State supreme courts in Idaho and Kentucky allowed pro-life laws to take effect pending legal challenges.  Lives are beings saved! 
  • In response to a lawsuit, all private religious schools will now receive automatic waivers from the Biden Administration mandate requiring schools to implement its radical transgender agenda in order to receive federal funding for school lunch programs.  
  • Acknowledging “strong reactions beyond our expectations,” an elite all-girls school has “paused” a policy to admit “transgender girls,” or boys who claim to be girls. 
  • A California church won a major legal victory for religious freedom when a court dismissed $200,000 in fines for violating COVID-19 restrictions.  
  • Hundreds of healthcare workers who were refused religious exemptions from COVID vaccine mandates just won a $10 million legal settlement
  • Rep. Jim Jordan says 14 whistleblowers have contacted his office to report corruption at the FBI. 
  • Nineteen states are fighting back against the left-wing agenda by investigating radical ESG (environmental, social and governance) investment policies.

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