“HEB Grocery Store Owner Charles Butt Sponsors Drag Queen Shows for Kids”
By Donna Garner

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First, some quick background on two very prominent Texans – the Butt brothers – Howard and Charles:

Howard E. Butt, Jr. passed away in Sept. 2016. He was a strong and dedicated Christian minister who was the founder of Laity Lodge – a well-known, evangelistic, Christian, retreat Center in the Hill Country of Texas.

Charles Butt is the billionaire chairman of H. E. Butt Grocery Company – HEB Grocery Stores. [Going back many years, I remember that there was a definite split in the family because Charles Butt set himself up as the rebel outsider who did not believe in traditional values. I feel sure that much prayer for Charles has been lifted at Laity Lodge through the years.]

Charles Butt has continued to be a big financial supporter of Democrats and left-leaning moderates. When Butt does support Republicans, he almost always chooses those who are left-leaners.For instance in 2017, Butt gave over $100,000 to Rep. Bennett Ratliff who was running against conservative Rep. Matt Rinaldi; he served in the Texas House from 2015 - 2019.  Julie Johnson (who is gay and is also supported by Charles Butt’s money) won against Rep. Rinaldi in the General Elections of 2018.

Matt Rinaldi has now gone on to become the very successful, conservative chair of the Republican Party of Texas.  https://www.transparencyusa.org/article/closer-look-charles-butt?state=tx

Charles Butt, Bennett Ratliff, Bill Ratliff, Thomas Ratliff, Mike Moses, Raise Your Hand, Charles Butt Public Education PAC, Texas Parent PAC, Texas Freedom Network, ultra-liberal Tex. Rep. Donna Howard, and Save Texas Schools are all linked together through various funding mechanisms and have basically the same agenda -- to get as much money out of the taxpayers as possible and to practice the politics of personal destruction against any conservatives who stand in their way! 


7.13.22 – Texas Scorecard

Texas Grocery Store Tycoon Sponsors Drag Queen Shows for Kids”

Charles Butt has repeatedly worked against parental rights activists.

By Sebastian Castro

Excerpts from this article:

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Charles Butt, the billionaire heir and CEO of the Texas grocery empire H-E-B, sponsored a recent “family friendly” drag show and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on anti-school choice campaigns.

In June, H-E-B sponsored an LGBT “pride” event in downtown Austin.

The event, called Rainbow on the Creek, included a drag queen story hour, a “family-friendly all ages” drag show performed by a group called The Hydrated Queer Kitties, and a pride parade.

A Libs of TikTok tweet showed the scantily clad performers dancing sensually in front of parents and their children.

The event’s website says, “The celebration will include 25+ [activities] by LGBTQIA+ nonprofits and partners, a Queer BIPOC and Latinx artisan & craft market, gender-affirming care & sexual health resources, and many more activities for the whole family.”

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In 2020, five openly gay members of the Texas House established the House LGBTQ caucus whose purpose is to advocate for what they call “social equality.”  They are Reps. Erin Zwiener (Driftwood), Celia Israel (Austin), Julie Johnson (Addison), Mary González (Clint), and Jessica Gonzalez (Dallas).

These are the members of the House LGBTQ Caucus (men and women). Many of them have been supported financially by Charles Butt’s campaign donations: https://texaslgbtqcaucus.com/members/

10.28.20 – “Billionaire Grocery Heir Bankrolls Democrats, Establishment Republicans” – by Brandon Waltens – Texas Scorecard – Brandon Waltens – Texas Scorecard

Excerpts from this article:

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A Texas grocery magnate has started a new political action committee [Charles Butt Public Education PAC] and seeded the effort with $10 million, backing Democrats and establishment Republicans [left-leaners who are not conservatives] running for state legislative seats ahead of the November election.

Charles Butt, the heir to the H-E-B supermarket chain, is no stranger to Texas politics. For years, the billionaire has bankrolled efforts against conservatives in the Republican primary and has funded Democrats in general elections.

Just last month, Butt made headlines for siding with Harris County Democrat County Clerk Chris Hollins and his plan to send unsolicited mail-ballot applications to all 2.37 million voters in the county, sending a letter of support to the Texas Supreme Court on official H-E-B letterhead.