“How To Empower Students with Resiliency Rather Than Victimization”
By Donna Garner


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER: As a classroom teacher for over 33+ years and a mother and grandmother of grandchildren, I have watched the “frog in the boiling water” technique successfully take over our nation’s youth, Pre-K through Grade 16.  

At first the frog is put into cool water and senses no danger. Then as the water begins to warm up, the frog still senses no danger until it is too late; and the poor creature is consumed by the boiling water.

Obama, Linda Darling-Hammond, Bill Gates, et. al, knew that by using this same frog in the boiling water technique, they could indoctrinate students into the Common Core social justice/LGBTQ/CRT agenda by immersing them in curriculum in all school subjects all at the same time.  

In 2013, Common Core curriculum started pouring into almost all schools in America (even private and home schools through The College Board that aligned the Pre-SAT, SAT, and Advanced Placement products with the Common Core indoctrination).

That “infected” curriculum is now embedded in nearly all instructional materials (particularly digitized) and can only be rooted out by changing the Type #2 (subjective/emotions/feelings/opinions/relativity) back to Type #1 (fact-based, academic, right-or-wrong answers). Please see chart posted at the bottom of this page.

Because of the frog in the boiling water technique, we as a nation have watched our nation’s youth move step-by-step from (1) TOLERANCE to (2) ACCEPTANCE to (3) ADVOCACY to (4) MILITANCY. Obama and his cronies knew exactly what they were doing while most Americans were asleep.

The common theme in Obama’s Type #2 curriculum is to teach students: 

They are victims.”

They are born that way.

They are not responsible for the deck of cards that has been dealt to them.”

Their sexual behaviors are their decisions and no one else should tell them what to do.”

They have the right to decide their own gender.”

Whites are privileged and do not deserve what they have.”

Black bondage is real and is responsible for all my problems.”

The Whites must pay dearly; they are guilty.”

The Whites owe us.”

It is okay for me to lie, cheat, steal, and destroy because I deserve better.”

It is my right to take what I believe should be mine.”  

To be honest, the one positive thing to come out of COVID is that parents throughout the nation have gotten to see the Common Core/Type #2 curriculum in which their children have been immersed since 2013.

Lest we feel as if there is no hope, concerned parents (including Florida’s First Lady DeSantis) have taken major steps to empower students to learn how to develop personal responsibility. It is called the “Florida Resiliency Toolkit.”]

The Florida Resiliency Toolkit is aimed at empowering kids to be able to persevere through life's challenges.

First Lady DeSantis announced the launch of a resiliency initiative for Florida schools to emphasize key character development skills, including volunteerism, teamwork, and problem solving.

Professional sports teams, organizations and athletes from across the state loaned their support for these resiliency efforts, including David Beckham, Peyton Manning, Lou Holtz, Tony Dungy, Charlie Ward, Joey Lagano, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Orlando City SC, Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, NASCAR, LPGA, Miami Marlins, and Inter Miami CF.

This toolkit was assembled by the Florida Department of Education to assist teachers in the development of more resilient and healthy students. Teachers utilizing the instructional resources included in this toolkit will empower Florida’s students as they develop resilience and character education skills to adapt to a variety of situations.

These lessons can also assist with instruction in health education topics included in required instruction. 



11.4.13 -- CHART:  COMPARISON OF TWO TYPES OF EDUCATION: Type #1  (Traditional)  vs.  Type #2  (Common Core)