Infrastructure – Biden’s Wasteful $2.3 Trillion American Jobs Plan – PT. 2 of 2” 
By Henry W. Burke

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Joe Biden and the other Democrats have labeled their new spending bill as an “Infrastructure” plan.  In the same way that their COVID Relief Bill (“American Rescue Plan”) included only about 9 % for COVID relief, this so-called “Infrastructure” plan provides only 24 % for Infrastructure.  The bulk of the spending is for their new left-wing agenda of “Climate Change-Green Energy.” 

The overall cost for the Infrastructure Bill (“American Jobs Plan”) is a whopping $2.27 Trillion! 

As shown in Table S below, Infrastructure spending comprises $553 Billion or 24 % of the total $2,270 Billion ($2.27 Trillion).  Climate Change-Green Energy makes up $899 Billion or 40 % of the total spending.  The Buildings and Homes category includes spending of $418 Billion (18 % of total).  The final component is Caregiving for Elderly and Disabled at $400 Billion (18 % of the total spending).

In the loosely organized 80-page White House document (“The American Jobs Plan”), it is very difficult to find the spending amounts for each item.  Because the Biden document is poorly written (with overlapping items), numerous spending figures and totals have been produced.  The White House document does not even list the grand total spending figure!

Tables 1 - 4 list the spending amounts for the four areas of spending: Infrastructure, Climate Change, Buildings and Homes, and Caregiving. 

Table S -- Summary Total – Biden’s Democrat “Infrastructure”- American Jobs Plan



($ Billions)


of Total

Infrastructure $553 24 %
Climate Change $899 40 %
Buildings and Homes $418 18 %
Caregiving $400 18%
Total $2,270 Billion 100 %



Fact Sheet: The American Jobs Plan” -- The White House, 3.31.21


Table 1 – Biden Infrastructure



($ Billions)

Roads and Bridges 115
Road Safety 20
Public Transit 85
Railroads 80
Airports 25
Ports and Inland Waterways 17
Drinking Water, Water Storage & Wastewater 111
Broadband 100
Total Infrastructure $553 Billion


Table 2 – Biden Climate Change-Green Energy



($ Billions)

Electric Vehicles 174
Electric Grid 100
Infrastructure Resiliency 50
Plug Oil and Gas Wells 16
Remediate Superfund Sites 5
Domestic Manufacturing-Clean Energy 52
Clean Energy Manufacturing 46
Clean Energy Accelerator 27
Technology-Climate Crisis 35
R & D Infrastructure in Labs 20
R & D at Historically Black Colleges (20 + 10) 30
R & D Small Business 31
R & D Innovation and Job Creation  30
National Science Foundation 50
Regional Innovation Hub  20
Research Incubator 15
New Commerce Dept. Office - Monitor Industry 50
Workforce Development 48
Climate Civilian Corps 10
Dislocated Workers 40
Connect Neighborhoods 20
Prevent Future Pandemics 30
Total Climate Change-Green Energy $899 Billion


Table 3 – Biden Buildings and Homes



($ Billions)

Build and Retrofit Homes (Sustainable) 213
Federal Buildings 10
Public Schools 100
Community Colleges 12
Childcare Facilities 25
Public Housing 40
VA Hospitals 18
  Total Buildings and Homes $418 Billion


Table 4 – Biden Caregiving for Elderly, Disabled & Children




($ Billions)

Caregiving for Elderly and Disabled 400
Total Caregiving for Elderly $400 Billion


Biden’s Tax Plan

In Biden’s “The American Jobs Plan,” the Democrats hope to pay for the huge $2.3 Trillion spending measure by changing the tax rates.  The primary mechanism is increasing the Corporate Tax Rate from the current 21 % to the new proposed 28 %.

Biden’s proposed tax plan would make the U.S. Corporate Tax Rate the second highest of the G20 countries!  When combined with state taxes, the tax rate on U.S. corporations would be 32.3 %.  This places U.S corporations at the second highest tax rate position, second only to Brazil at 34 %. 


As a result of the Biden tax plan, wages would drop by $840 per year for the median worker.  Total hours worked would fall; this decrease is equivalent to the loss of 500,000 full-time jobs.

Corporate Income Taxes make up only 7 % of Total Federal Revenue.  ($230 Billion/ $3,463 Billion = 6.6 %)  The Actual CBO Federal Budget Figures for 2019 (before the pandemic) show the following numbers:

Revenue SourceActual 2019 ($ Billions)

Indiv. Income Taxes 1,718

Payroll Taxes 1,243

Corporate Inc. Taxes 230


Total $3,463 Billion


The Heritage Foundation provided some estimates on revenue from the proposed tax change. The current corporate revenue under the present 21 % Corporate Tax Rate is about $240 Billion per year.  Under the new 28 % Corporate Tax Rate, the projected tax revenue would be about $320 Billion per year.  This is an assumed increase of $80 Billion per year.  However, this is smaller than the income lost as corporations respond to the higher tax rate.


Heritage calculates that the Biden Proposal will create $2.65 Trillion in spending over the 10-year budget window.  The new tax rates will not even come close to paying for the new spending!  Without considering the time value of money, it would take over 33 years to pay off the spending plan.  ($2,650 Billion/ $80 Billion per year = 33 Years) Quite the contrary, tax increases invariably lead to reduced tax revenues.  This Biden spending folly will stifle the economy, produce lower revenues, and lead to runaway inflation!



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