9.4.22 – Epoch Times

“Long COVID Contributing to Disabilities by the Millions: Report”

By Marina Zhang and Dr. Yuhong Dong


Excerpts from this article:


…While most clear out their COVID-19 symptoms in days to a few weeks, recent studies estimate that around 1 in 8 people who have been infected will have persistent COVID symptoms, despite testing negative for COVID-19

Doctors still do not understand the drivers behind these symptoms, nor why these people are affected. Many long COVID patients, also known as long-haulers, are younger in demographic, and previously had no underlying health conditions.

However, many are hit with a myriad of mental and physiological conditions, including symptoms common to acute COVID such as cough, fevers, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, and muscle aches, as well as less common COVID symptoms including brain fog, severe fatigue, chest pains, depression and anxiety, pins-and-needles, heart palpitations, sleep problems, along with other strange conditions.

Not all long COVID symptoms are debilitating, but for some, suffering from long COVID could mean a complete change to their lifestyle, and possibly even a disability.

The disabilities apparently caused by long COVID are directly related to critical organs including the brain, heart, lungs, and muscles.

1. Brain impairment: long COVID impairs brain function and causes nerve damage. Studies have shown that more than 30 percent of SARS-CoV-2 viruses attack nerves. Nerves are a reservoir of hidden viruses, and nerves are connected to internal organs. Many “long-haulers” experience brain fog including difficulty sleeping, headaches, and dulled thinking and memory.

2. Impaired heart function: fatigue is a primary symptom in long-haulers as well as muscle aches and increased fatigue after exercise. Many suffer from reduced cardiac output, meaning they have to reduce the intensity of their exercise and some cannot exercise without putting their health at risk.

3. Impaired respiratory function: studies have found that long COVID patients have decreased lung function owing to scarring and inflammation. This can lead to decreased oxygen uptake and shortness of breath from lowered blood oxygen levels.

4. Impaired muscle function: persistent immune actions against viruses damage cells, including muscle cells and tissue. Inflammation from the immune responses can trigger inflammation in muscle fibers and induce muscle weakness.

5. Impaired blood vessel function: inflammation in the body damages cells that line blood vessels, and can possibly impair oxygen supply to organs and muscles. This can cause fatigue and aches.

…Latest U.S. government figures revealed a staggering 385,000 people have been living with symptoms of long COVID for a year or more.
A study by Brookings estimated that around 4.5 million Americans with long COVID are out of work.

This not only impacts the American workforce but is also a significant global problem both in matters of labor and health care.

…Health conditions as a result of COVID-19 and related problems are also contributing to a shortfall in labor. Given that the world is already burdened with labor shortages from two years of lockdowns and rapidly changing work environments and career outlooks, disabilities from long COVID and vaccine injuries only add fuel to the fire.

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