McKinney, Texas, Doctor in the Trenches: 100% Success with HCQ Protocol”
By Donna Garner



I love it when people “in the trenches” have the courage to lay out their common sense solutions; and here is yet another intelligent and articulate board certified family medicine practitioner, Dr. Brian C. Procter who has used the hydroxychloroquine protocol with 100% success.

For the last three months, he has treated over 75 COVID patients early-on which is the absolute key to success.  None of his patients have had to go to the ER, be put on a ventilator, have EKG’s or CT-scans run, nor died.  He has had no one suffer any kind of cardio-vascular problems from his treatment protocol.   

In his out-patient clinic, Dr. Procter prescribes this regimen: hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, aspirin, Losartan, and CBD (an anti-inflammatory). His entire regimen costs about $50 per patient at the local drug store. He said insurance companies should love this!

He believes that if we treat COVID early, we will not need vaccines nor the procedures which shut down our country, create joblessness, and depression.

He also said that masks are not the answer because they keep people from developing passive immunities that protect them from other viruses.

Dr. Procter said that COVID is similar to SARS and MERS for which no vaccines were developed because they died out; he believes there is every reason to think that COVID will die out the same way.   

In 9:46 minutes, Dr. Procter lays out a practical protocol that works when activated early-on before patients get so sick that they end up at the ER, in the ICU, and on ventilators.

LINK TO 9:46 YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEabR7X5UaM