Published online 2.16.22

New-Onset Kidney Diseases after COVID-19 Vaccination: A Case Series”

Jeong-Hoon Lim,1 Mee-Seon Kim,2 Yong-Jin Kim,2 Man-Hoon Han,2 Hee-Yeon Jung,1 Ji-Young Choi,1 Jang-Hee Cho,1 Chan-Duck Kim,1 Yong-Lim Kim,1 and Sun-Hee Park1,*




This case series provides information on new-onset renal histopathology after COVID-19 vaccination. The need for COVID-19 vaccination, including booster shots, is being emphasized globally.

Although we could not confirm causality between vaccinations and these phenomena, in this time of mass vaccination, clinicians need to consider the possibility that vaccines may have provoked kidney diseases in patients who have renal symptoms.


Various vaccines against COVID-19 have been developed and proven to be effective, but their side effects, especially on kidney function, are not yet known in detail.

In this study, we report the clinical courses and histopathologic findings of new-onset kidney diseases after COVID-19 vaccination as confirmed via kidney biopsy.

Five patients aged 42 to 77 years were included in this study, and baseline kidney function was normal in all patients.

The biopsy-proven diagnosis indicated newly developed kidney diseases: (1) IgA nephropathy presenting with painless gross hematuria, (2) minimal change disease presenting with nephrotic syndrome, (3) thrombotic microangiopathy, and (4) two cases of acute tubulointerstitial nephritis presenting with acute kidney injury.

Individualized treatment was applied as per disease severity and underlying pathology, and the treatment outcomes of all patients were improved.

Since this is not a controlled study, the specific pathophysiologic link and causality between the incidence of kidney diseases and COVID-19 vaccination are difficult to confirm.

However, clinicians need to consider the possibility that kidney diseases may be provoked by vaccines in patients who have renal symptoms.


In this report, we reviewed the clinical course, treatment, and histopathologic findings of various new-onset kidney diseases following COVID-19 vaccination. This is not a controlled study, so causality between vaccinations and these diseases cannot be concluded.

However, COVID-19 vaccines are known to cause new-onset or relapsing glomerular diseases due to potent immune dysregulation, and various therapeutic responses have been reported [4,5]. Therefore, special attention is required for the onset of kidney disease symptoms in recently vaccinated patients, such as foamy urine, hematuria, and edema.

PMCID: PMC8880359

PMID: 35214760