8.11.22 – Dan Bongino Show

“Project Veritas: Lisa Murkowski Secretly Backed Ranked Choice Voting to Boost Reelection Odds”
by Matt Palumbo

Excerpts from this article:


In their latest reporting, Project Veritas purports to have uncovered proof that Lisa Murkowski privately supported Alaska's controversial Ballot Measure 2, which established a rank choice voting system that could boost her reelection odds by making her the "second choice" candidate among Democrats in the state.

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In the video, Murkowski campaign staffers tell the undercover Project Veritas journalist that Murkowski consultants worked on Ballot Measure 2 with her in mind.

"She stayed quiet and honestly it was probably best she stayed quiet on that,” said Murkowski's Interior campaign coordinator.

“Between you and me, Ballot Measure 2 was actually created, I think, for two reasons. Number one, it was created because there were people in this state who wanted to see a better system, but they also wanted Lisa to get reelected. We’re being strategic with our messaging. Walking a fine line, I guess is what I’m saying, to try to get her elected.”

Another campaign coordinator added “While we were working on Ballot Measure 2 and voting for Ballot Measure 2, we had Sen. Murkowski in mind the whole time.”

After the video above went live, Project Veritas confronted Murkowski and members of her campaign staff, who repeated talking points and didn't address the claims her own staffers made in the video.

Murkowski is underwater with Republican voters, and a number of polls this year have had her consistently trailing her main challenger Kelly Tshibaka, who has been endorsed by Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party. ALASKA PRIMARY RESULTS


Excerpts taken from 8.17.22 -- “Results of Yesterday’s Primary Elections in Alaska and Wyoming” – by Donna Garner


In Alaska, a new election process was used in which the top four winners (of either party) in the primary get to go into the Nov. 8 general elections.

Repub Sarah Palin (along with three others) will advance to the Nov. 8 elections for the U. S. House. Palin was endorsed by Trump.

Repub Kelly Tshibaka (endorsed by Trump) and U. S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (along with two others – too early to call) will advance to the Nov. 8 general elections. Murkowski voted to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial; Trump was acquitted. The Murkowski family “political machine” has controlled Alaska since 1981.

Kudos to the Alaskan voters for breaking the Murkowski family control.

On the same ballot in Alaska yesterday, there was also a special election to choose someone to serve the remainder of the late-U. S. Rep. Don Young’s term (died in March 2022). Sarah Palin along with two others were competing for that slot, but the final results will not be known until Aug. 31. Hopefully Sarah Palin will win.