“Proof: COVID Jabs Make People’s Health Worse”
From Donna Garner




OPEN VAERS – is put together by a team of medical professionals who know how to look at VAERS, interpret the underlying data, and then provide accurate numbers to the general public. OPEN VAERS updates its data weekly.  There is no monetizing of OPEN VAERS.


1,268,006 total COVID reports.

 28,141 reports of COVID death.

52,299 reports of permanent COVID disability.

Still a backlog of over 100,000 COVID reports missing or yet to be processed

We are 17 months into the most disastrous vaccine campaign in U.S. history -- 583 million shots administered with negative efficacy that come with unprecedented harms. No one at FDA, CDC, nor in our political system seems to have the mental capacity to understand what they have wrought. (RedBox - Open VAERS)


5.22.22 – Comparing COVID Maps of the U. S.

“If COVID vaccines stop the spread, then why is the COVID spreading in the highest vaxxed counties?”

Excerpts from this article:


This article shows, by county, the population density maps of those vaxxed and those infected with COVID.  The maps correspond almost perfectly. In an overlay, the maps almost fit on top of each other exactly. The counties with the most COVID vaxxed are the same counties with the most COVID infections. 

The evidence is really piling up.  It looks more and more inescapable to conclude that the COVID vaccines are working against the body’s ability to protect itself through herd immunity. The more COVID vaccines/boosters people get, the less their bodies are able to fend off COVID reinfections.


5.20.22 – Horowitz Newsletter  

Horowitz: The more you vax, the more you … ?

By Daniel Horowitz


Excerpts from this article:

…The four most vaccinated states are Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont. The top 10 vaccinated states, with the exception of New Mexico, are all in the northeast. Incidentally, according to the New York Times COVID trackerthe 12 states with the highest hospitalization rates (including D.C.) are all in the northeast, except for Michigan. All of the lowest-vaccinated states in the south, Great Plains, and Rocky Mountains have the lowest hospitalization rates. 

If you’ve noticed, before the release of the shots, the virus followed an almost regimented epidemiological curve, quickly rising and then falling back to baseline, based on seasonality and geography. That has all been broken since the latter part of 2021 and seems totally out of whack today…

…there is a high level of transmission and infectiousness remaining in the population after a wave and really suggests that the pandemic is NOT being allowed to peter out and BE OVER. This is due to the sub-optimal immune pressure being placed on the spike by the non-sterilizing vaccine, non-neutralizing antibodies that provoke tremendous selection pressure and the emergence of infectious variants.

…Take a listen to ABC’s chief medical correspondent, Jennifer Ashton, who postulates that boosters for the original variant could block antibodies for the current variant, manifesting in original antigenic sin, which overloads and shuts down your system’s ability to respond to the proper variant.

Even rabid vaccine promoter Dr. Paul Offit, director of the vaccine education center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, recently wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine that boosters are “not risk free.”

And all age groups are at risk for…a decreased ability to respond to a new immunogen because the immune system has locked onto the original immunogen

An entire baby formula factory was shut down after four possible deaths, but the shots are still going strong after 28,000 reported deaths to VAERS and 156,000 hospitalizations.

In fact, the more it [the COVID vaccination] fails the immune system, the more it engenders a need for more boosters, which are approved with enthusiasm. Who says crime doesn’t pay?


5.3.22 – Epoch Times

“Does the COVID Jab Kill More People Than It Saves?”

By Joseph Mercola

Excerpts from this article:


  • According to Walgreens data, during the week of April 19 through 25, 2022, 13% of unvaccinated persons tested positive for COVID. Of those who received two doses five months or more ago, 23.1% tested positive, and of those who received a third dose five months or more ago, the positive rate was 26.3%. So, after the first booster shot (the third dose), people are at greatest risk of testing positive for COVID.
  • Other data also show that COVID mortality rates are far higher in areas with high vaccination rates, and risk-benefit analyses reveal the jabs do more harm than good in most age groups.