3.14.22 – Steve Hirsch Substack

“Steve Kirsch and Dr. Ryan Cole Discuss Dead People and Blood Clots as Stunning Graphic Evidence is Filtering Up”
By Sage Hana




More disturbing results from our Operation Warp Speed mass mRNA vaxxing into the middle of pandemic experiment, using all humanity as lab rats, are starting to filter to the surface.

Steve Kirsch had a little sitdown with Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist.

The two discussed some of the latest developments of Injectiongate.

I will now summarize their interview, link below. Quotes when condensed will be noted with ellipses, text is verbatim.

***Here is the link to the Rumble video of the 3.14.22 interview:  https://rumble.com/vxeqvu-pathologist-on-ryan-cole-on-the-mystery-blood-clots.html

Topic du jour: Blood clots and embalming data. Per Steve, embalmers are finding heretofore unseen types of blood clots in their subjects.

These clots have only begun since the rollout of the vaccines and seem to present only in the *vaccinated. Embalmers can correlate these unusual new clots to those who were injected.

*injected, these are not vaccines.

Dr. Ryan Cole, pathologist and early alarm sounder of the jabs, obtained some tissue samples of these blood clots and examined them.

Steve asks if these clots are survivable, or if they are a ticking time bomb.

Dr. Cole responds first by providing some background on blood clots. Clots are normally suggested via elevated D-dimer tests which reveal their presence. An elevated D-dimer level usually triggers an examination of the chest to see if there is a large pulmonary clot.

But they (doctors, ER docs, pulmonologists) weren’t finding those. Then that begs the question. So where are the patients clotting…it’s got to be micro clots.

And this is what some of his colleagues are finding. Micro clots.

You can live with micro clots, and even medium size clots…for a while.

But the tissues around it eventually become compromised…because you don’t have oxygen get in there, and the tissues die off…So livable to a degree for a while. Until it isn’t.

Steve wants to apply this to the large clots that embalmers are finding, and asks Dr. Cole to clarify.

Cole:  It snowballs. In other words, the clots grow.

Dr. Cole goes into a nightmare fuel description of what happens with the clots inside the body as blood tries to work its way around the obstruction.

Morticians usually use a dissolving fluid to break up clots and the like. However, the fluid could not make it through these new monstrosities and were backing up. Thus they were forced to go into the body and manually pull them out.

…ended up pulling out six inch clots, twelve inch clots, two, three foot clots…

Dr. Cole says that he takes a “trust, but verify” approach to phenomena.

I’ll believe it when I see it. And now I’ve seen it.

Kirsch asks about timing. The injections have been out for a year. Are we only seeing it now, or have people been afraid to report the new clots?

Cole:  I think it’s that fear factor.

Cole also theorizes that it is the result of the cumulative factor of getting repeated jabs.

Kirsch:  So really, it’s the boosters that really started the punch here.

Cole:  I think so…in life, it’s the dose that makes the poison…

Dr. Cole elaborates on dosing by discussing how even water can be toxic if overdone, and applies the dosing analogy to the spike protein. Then Cole touches on a Stanford study which shows how long the synthetic mRNA persists in the lymph nodes and keeps making spike proteins, up to 60-days.

This isn’t a classical clotting pathway…(cites another study on clots)…when they put spike protein in, incredibly abnormal clots started to form.

The study also revealed that adding spike protein can clot plasma without platelets.

Steve asks what Dr. Cole’s confidence level is that these clots are caused by the injections.

About 80-90%.

Summary thoughts: If you got two to three jabs, this is going to be a very difficult video to process. Literally!