“Struggling with This Question About COVID-19”

By Donna Garner

A hospital entrance with flowers in front of it.

Comments from Donna Garner:  Because many of us have problems understanding piles of data with large numbers, it helps me to find a “common denominator.”  If I can compare data based upon one common point, then I can grasp its significance.

I decided to pick something with which all of us are familiar:  50 states. We all know that diseases accumulate in different proportions in different states; but for comparison only, the “50 state model” has helped me to grasp the significance of the numbers and to be able to compare diseases. 

Now I can look out upon society and visualize “what each disease looks like” based sadly upon the number of deaths.

Yes, we personally are following the COVID-19 guidelines set by the CDC (

However, we are troubled, as so many other Americans are, by the question that continues to haunt us: “Is it worth destroying the economic future for our children and grandchildren to shut America down because of one disease (COVID-19)?”

We continue to pray for our country’s leaders and know that they are struggling with the same question. May God give them the wisdom and knowledge that they so desperately need.


2009 – 2010 – SWINE FLU
60.8 million cases (80% younger than 65 yrs. of age)
274,304 hospitalizations
12,469 deaths

If divided by 50 states - 249.38 deaths per state


38,000 to 54,000 estimated cases
400,000 to 730,000 hospitalized
24,000 to 62,000 deaths
If divided by 50 states (24,000 deaths) – 480 deaths per state
If divided by 50 states (62,000 deaths) – 1,240 deaths per state

As of Oct. 1, 2019 through March 21, 2020  --

(According to the CDC, flu is not a reportable disease in the U. S. Therefore, figures are based upon a mathematical model using surveillance data.)


As of 3.30.20:

Total cases: 140,904
Deaths:  2,405
% of deaths 1.77%
If divided by 50 states, 49.8 deaths per state
98% -- approximate recovery rate
As of Oct. 1, 2019 through March 21, 2020  --


Total COVID-19 tests – 944,854
Positives – 160,530
Negatives – 784,324
Pending – 65,382
Hospitalized – 22,303


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