"Texans, How To Cut the Number of COVID Deaths"
By Donna Garner

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​Excerpts from this article:

Texans, a number of our Texas Legislators are doing their part to stop the politicization of the hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID.  Please see the 8.15.20 article below that tells about Tex. Sen. Angela Paxton and her letter sent to the president of the Texas Medical Board (TMA), telling him that he needs to cease blocking doctors’ rights to prescribe HCQ and other COVID treatments that they deem best for their patients.

Now we must do our part, Texans!

We have the responsibility to join with our elected leaders in support of life-saving, COVID treatments.

Tex. Sen. Paxton has sent her letter to the TMA.  Now we must come alongside her and let Dr. Zaafran know how strongly thousands of us Texans feel about the large number of medical/scientific studies that prove hydroxychloroquine works.

[U. S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX) has just publicized his successful experiences with the HCQ protocol to help save his life from his bout with COVID.]

Below is Dr. Zaafran’s address at the Texas Medical Board.

To help you write your letter to Dr. Zaafran, I suggest you first read Rep. Paxton’s letter (8.15.20 link posted below).  Then go to the “Open Letter to Dr. Fauci” (8.14.20 link posted below) and simply cut/copy/paste various statements from that document to support your premise. The three medical doctors who wrote that letter have given permission for it to be used widely.

The Texas Medical Board is standing in the way of our Texas doctors being able to save people’s lives. We cannot allow that to continue to happen. As has been stated by renowned medical experts, “Approximately 75,000 to 100,000 American lives could have been saved if HCQ had been used.”


Sherif Z. Zaafran, M.D.

President, Texas Medical Board

333 Guadalupe, Tower 3, Suite 610

Austin, Texas 78768

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