6.23.22 – Chron News

“Texas Gay Republican Group Chair Resigns in Wake of New State Party Platform”
Michael Cargill left his post days after the Texas GOP adopted a platform calling homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice.”
By Michael Murney

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[COMMENTS BY DONNA GARNER:  If the Texas GOP ever needed to know whether they did the right thing at this summer’s convention, they should be totally reassured now.  Michael Cargill thinks “he’ll show them” by resigning his Log Cabin Republican position.  What he does not realize is that all he has done with his protest is to encourage Repubs to continue to do the right thing and to quit compromising on the LGBTQ agenda that is devastating the lives of our young people.

Yes, the Repubs got it right. It is a choice to choose this abnormal lifestyle, and that choice has irreversible consequences.

God created male and female and nothing “in between.” He put X and Y chromosomes in our bodies that cannot be changed. No matter what devastating surgeries or gender hormones are pumped into people’s bodies, we will all die the same way that we were born – either as a male or a female. For young children to make decisions that will alter their lives forever is indeed child abuse.  

Thank you, GOP delegates, for standing for truth.”

FYI:  FL Sen. Rick Scott (mentioned in this article) is a RINO and is vying to be considered as the GOP candidate for President in 2024. Scott used to be Governor of Florida and opposes very popular FL Gov. Ron DeSantis on many issues.  For instance, Sen. Scott wants to be “nice” to Disney.

John Kasich (mentioned in this article) is one of the biggest compromisers to come out of the GOP.  Kasich fought Trump at every turn and endorsed Biden for President in 2020.  Kasich is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.]


Excerpts from this article:


The chairman of the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas, a group of gay Texas GOP members, resigned from his post ThursdayKXAN reported. 

Michael Cargill’s resignation as LCR’s state leader comes after the state party ratified a new platform calling homosexuality “an abnormal lifestyle choice” at its Houston convention last week. 

LCR Texas Secretary and Austin Vice President David Garza and President of LCR San Antonio Mimi Planas also resigned from the state board alongside Cargill.

…LCR Texas leadership’s resignations come amid backlash against the state GOP’s new platform—some of it coming from high-ranking national party members.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott, who helms the GOP’s Senate elections committee, said he “would not have supported” the homophobic language on Wednesday.  

Scott also confirmed that he accepts the results of the 2020 election as valid and the Biden administration as legitimate.

Former Ohio governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate John Kasich called the Texas GOP convention a “clown show” on CNN Monday, adding that "I think even clowns were embarrassed by what they saw down there.";