Texas Needs a Quaternity To Protect Our Children”
By Donna Garner

A group of children are smiling for the camera.


*COMMENT FROM DONNA GARNER: If we really want to protect our precious children (the most important “product” in our country) from the LGBTQ/gender modification regime, then we must contact each and every one of our Texas House Members – Republicans and Democrats. Please tell them that they may fear the wrath of Texas Rep. Dade Plelan as Speaker of the House but that they better “fear” the concerned moms and dads of this state more.

We are extremely serious about the Texas Legislature passing gender modification legislation this coming Session. As Speaker last session, Rep. Phelan refused even to allow the gender modification legislation (passed by the Texas Senate under Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick) to come to the floor of the House for debate nor for a vote. 

If House members are too cowardly to vote for an authentic conservative leader such as Rep. Tony Tinderholt for Speaker of the House, then they will fail to carry out the reason they were elected in the first place! 

Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and TAG Ken Paxton have all indicated their support for the gender modification legislation.

It would be an absolute travesty to have one person – Rep. Phelan as Speaker – to stand in the way once again.

Rep. Tinderholt as Speaker would join the other three leaders to form a quaternity – a group of four leaders.

Just imagine what those four committed, conservative leaders working in coordination with one another could accomplish for Texas!



As of today, I’ve reached out to every one of my sitting Republican colleagues and have been encouraged at the number who tell me they think we need new leadership in the Texas House.

Unfortunately, many of my colleagues also communicated that they fear the current Speaker [Rep. Dade Phelan] has the Democrats’ votes locked down and doesn't need many Republicans to win.

They also expressed fear that Phelan and his team will punish anyone who votes against him.

I have told each of them that I won’t hold it against them, regardless of how they vote; but I am more committed than ever to ensuring that we have a choice for conservative leadership in the Texas House.

Some members are afraid to vote for GOP priorities, including the rule to ban Democrat committee chairs, due to the current Speaker control.

The status quo does not reflect the will of Republican voters and lacks the vision to deliver conservative victories Texans need and deserve.


11.19.22 -- “Texans, Let’s Be Bold and Unapologetic Conservatives” -- from Donna Garner -- https://conta.cc/3V6BKw8