1.16.22 – EdViews.org

“The Truth Will Set You Free from Fear of COVID-19”

By Donna Garner


On this one site (https://c19protocols.com/) are all of the protocols that we need to battle COVID-19, and these have been available since at least August 2021.

We owe so very much to the brave doctors, scientists, and healthcare specialists who have put themselves at grave risk of losing their reputations and even their medical licenses to get this invaluable, life-saving information to us in the public.

Those in the public health hierarchy have sold their souls for “thirty pieces of silver.

The first clue for us in the public should have been when one of the largest and most outspoken groups of people refusing the vaccine mandates is made up of doctors and nurses who have seen up-close-and-personal what is going on in hospitals and behind closed doors.  

I personally was told at the end of November 2021 by a local doctor’s wife that 13 ER doctors had submitted their resignations at one of the largest hospital complexes in our area because they refused to get the COVID vaccinations.  Of course, that information has never been made public by the hospital nor the local media because they do not want their policies to be blamed for the stacked up ER waiting room where people are needlessly spreading COVID and other contagious diseases because of the crowded conditions.

The next groups of people objecting to the mandates are those in the military and pilots.  Why should they be willing to put their careers on the line rather than to have the COVID vaccinations? 

All of these people know the truth and are refusing to risk their own lives and those whom they serve. 

Together these groups represent some of the best educated people we have in America.

“The truth will set you free.”  https://c19protocols.com/


Do you need more?  What about these 146 research studies that affirm naturally acquired immunity to COVID-19?  The public health hierarchy certainly does not want us to know this because it would destroy their control over us and would harm their cozy relationship with Big Pharma who is literally “making a killing” with their faulty COVID vaccines. Please be sure to look at the numerous articles under the dropdown boxes at the top of the Brownstone website.

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