“Two More Important Investigations by TAG Ken Paxton”
By Donna Garner

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On 5.25.23 I sent out this article far and wide -- “Feud -- Speaker of TX House Dade Phelan vs. TAG Ken Paxton” -- By Donna Garner -- https://conta.cc/426vUOy

Today there are two more articles on my website DonnaGarner.org that have just been posted. 

These describe the two investigations that TAG Paxton is conducting which definitely need to be continued and finalized under his capable watch:  

4.30.23 – “Texas AG Ken Paxton’s COVID-19 Vaccine Investigation Could Stick It to Big Pharma Execs” -- By Miranda Devine – New York Post -- https://donnagarner.org/4-30-23-texas-ag-ken-paxtons-covid-19-vaccine-investigation-could-stick-it-to-big-pharma-execs-by-miranda-devine-new-york-post-3/

5.19.23 – “Paxton Announces Second Investigation into Texas Hospital for Potentially Unlawfully Performing ‘Gender Transitioning’ Procedures” – by TAG Paxton -- Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton -- https://donnagarner.org/5-19-23-paxton-announces-second-investigation-into-texas-hospital-for-potentially-unlawfully-performing-gender-transitioning-procedures-by-tag-paxton/