Victory for 150 Babies a Day in Texas”
By Donna Garner


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***In 2020 in Texas, about 54,000 unborn babies were aborted; and about 85% happened after six weeks of pregnancy, according to state health statistics.

Tex. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick:

Our bill [SB 8 – Heartbeat Act] has already saved countless lives and is supported by a majority of Texans. Since it took effect, the Heartbeat Act has reduced abortions by 50 percent — saving around 150 babies a day!  Texas is a solidly #prolife state, and I will never stop fighting to protect innocent life from the radical abortionist left. A great victory for the unborn!”

Tex. Attorney General Ken Paxton:

HUGE WIN!! Biden’s case against Texas has been kicked out of court!! This morning’s SCOTUS ruling leaves SB 8 in effect>I will continue to defend #Texas law and FIGHT FOR LIFE!!!”

Jonathan Saenz, President, and Attorney for Texas Values:

"Preborn babies today are saying three words – ‘God Bless Texas.’ The Texas Heartbeat Law has prevailed again at the Supreme Court, by remaining in effect on one challenge and by the Supreme Court completely dismissing the Biden’s Department of Justice case against Texas in ‘Biden v. Babies.’ There are now over 15,000 babies who have been saved since the Texas Heartbeat Law took effect. The Texas Heartbeat Law remains fully enforceable and shows that Texas takes the dignity and protection of the preborn seriously. We are celebrating the lives already saved, yet, we are not done yet.”

Tex. House Rep. Briscoe Cain:

The Supreme Court essentially overruled Roe today. While some may think abortion providers won—they didn’t. Today’s opinion is actually a total victory for the pro life movement. It’s a total vindication of the law’s enforcement mechanism and sets up a roadmap for other states to do the same.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony List:

We celebrate that the Texas Heartbeat Act will remain in effect, saving the lives of unborn children and protecting mothers while litigation continues in lower courts. Meanwhile, we anxiously await the Court’s decision in the Dobbs case [Mississippi pro-life case] in which the Court is directly considering the constitutionality of laws that protect unborn children and mothers prior to viability. Dobbs presents the biggest opportunity in generations to modernize our laws.” 

Tex. Sen. Ted Cruz:

The court’s decision is a victory for Texas and the pro-life movement. Today, the Supreme Court largely left in place a Texas law that protects life and sends a message that every life is valuable.”

Tex. State Senator Bryan Hughes:

By leaving in place the Texas Heartbeat Law today, the Supreme Court affirmed two fundamental conservative principles: the sanctity of life and the sovereignty of states. This is a total victory for life, and it is long overdue.”

Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director:

The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court this morning to allow the Texas abortion law to remain in effect is very encouraging. It has given the opportunity for life to thousands more unborn babies. For workers who want to quit the abortion industry, And Then There Were None is ready to help them find other work and healing; for women in need of emergency help when facing an unplanned pregnancy, our ministry Loveline is also ready to help – women deserve better than abortion and we can help with immediate tangible needs instead of paying for them to end their pregnancy.”

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12.10.21 –  “Supreme Court Lets Texas Abortion Ban Keep Saving Babies, Dismisses Joe Biden’s Lawsuit Against It” – Life News -- By Steven Ertelt

Excerpts from this article:

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