Republished on 5.27.23

“Politics vs. TAG Paxton”

By Donna Garner

Originally published on 10.7.20

A magnifying glass over the word fact.

Of course, as usual, the left-leaning Texas Tribune (link to 10.7.20 article posted below) creates the narrative that suits their agenda the best – that conservative Texas Attorney General (TAG) Ken Paxton has committed a terrible crime and simply must resign.

As a complete outsider and definitely as someone with no legal background, I am trying to look at this whole thing objectively based strictly on the facts that I can gather – many of which today’s Texas Tribune conveniently leaves out.

The Tribune paints a picture of Nate Paul being a high-rolling, wealthy businessman who is a crook. Who knows…that may well be so. However, that is not the crux of the issue which the Tribune never bothers to mention.

“Crook” or not, did federal agents raid Nate Paul’s home and office unannounced and refuse to show him an official search warrant?  ( (

If so, then even Nate Paul (a crook or not) has the right to see a search warrant.

It basically makes no difference whether Nate Paul gave campaign contributions to Republicans or Democrats or else did not give campaign contributions to anybody. That is not the issue here.

Nate Paul filed a complaint with the Travis County DA’s office against those federal authorities who participated in the raid at his home and office without showing him the search warrant.

Don Clemmer is the Director of the Travis County DA’s Special Prosecutions Division. Clemmer had no choice but to refer the complaint to TAG Paxton’s office (6.20.20) instead of referring it to the Texas Rangers Integrity Unit because Nate Paul had alleged misconduct on the part of the Dept. of Public Safety which is tied to the Texas Rangers. Nate Paul also accused employees at the FBI, the State Securities Board, the U. S. Attorney’s office for the Western District of Texas, and a federal magistrate.

Because all of those people and agencies were charged by Nate Paul and because evidently seven employees from Paxton’s own office had impeded the investigation, TAG Paxton had no choice but to go completely outside to find someone to conduct the investigation. That is when Paxton hired Brandon Cammack who is a criminal defense attorney in Houston.

I have no idea why the TAG employees tried to impede the investigation against Nate Paul unless they felt his campaign contributions to Ken Paxton (and to other Republicans) had prejudiced Ken Paxton in favor of Nate Paul.

As I said at the beginning of my comments, like it or not, everyone in our country has rights guaranteed by the Constitution (including the Fourth Amendment). It seems to me that if TAG Paxton had allowed Nate Paul’s complaint to go unanswered or had used TAG staffers to do the investigation, TAG Paxton himself would have been breaking the law because of utilizing staffers who could be considered as prejudicial against Nate Paul.

Again, I believe everyone needs to reserve judgment of TAG Paxton until all the facts are known. I am still questioning the timing of this entire situation – right before the Nov. 3 elections which are the most important elections of our lifetime. Why did these seven TAG employees bring this issue up right now? The timing leaves the door wide open for the Dems and their leftist media to try to take out Paxton as a strong conservative and also to cast aspersions on the entire slate of Republicans on the ballot.

Let me be very clear: “Anyone who cares about the future of our country must vote a straight Republican ticket. Any Republican candidate is a better choice than any Democrat candidate because, unfortunately, the Democrat Party has been taken over by the socialist/Communists who want to destroy America as we know it.”


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