What We Must Tell Our Children and Grandchildren About the Elections”
By Donna Garner

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FACT #1: No matter how the leftist spinners try to fool the American public, 75,000,000 Trump voters in the United States know that the elections were rigged in favor of Biden. Nothing will ever change that.

FACT #2:  Unfortunately for Biden, 75,000,000 also know that he will always be an illegitimate President because of the unscrupulous and illegal methods that he and his campaign utilized to gain office.  

Yes, we should respect the Office of the President and should never encourage nor participate in any violence directed at Biden nor his administration.

We must also pray that God will change the hearts of those who are involved in evil. 

However, we who know the truth will never respect the way Biden and his administration gained power.  How can we respect thieves?  

FACT #3: The evidence of election rigging was never allowed to be presented even once in a court of law in the United States. However, 75,000,000 Trump voters know that the evidence is authentic, accurate, and compelling. Nothing will ever change that.

FACT #4: Those 75,000,000 Trump voters also know the details of the Dem/Biden camp’s election rigging plan which has now been carefully documented for the historical record.


The Dems/Biden plan was to cause election rigging in dozens of states all at one time on Election Day with the belief that such massive fraud could not be stopped.  

Many people became a part of the “coalition” including Republicans-in-Name-Only (RINO’s), never-Trumpers, Dems, establishment politicians, the mainstream news media, Big Tech social media, and partisan judges (even those on the U. S. Supreme Court who chose to deny their responsibility by using the “lack of standing” gimmick).

The coalition’s main strategy was for all of them across the country to pretend that no election rigging had occurred, believing that they could utilize successfully the old “The Emperor Wore No Clothes” trick.  If as a huge coalition they could all act as if nothing suspicious had occurred, then the public would soon fall in line with the final result being that Biden and the other Dems down-ticket would be elected.

To carry out this strategy, the coalition tried to silence the people who knew the truth, to intimidate any who had the courage to speak out, and to deride the whistleblowers as partisan freaks.

Unfortunately for the Dem/Biden camp, their coalition’s plan fell apart when thousands of onsight observers who believe in fair elections came forth under penalty of perjury to sign affidavits; and numerous court cases began to be filed.

It was these brave Americans along with the hard-working Trump legal team and “truth tellers” who laid out the evidence which is clear, compelling, and irrefutable. 

President Trump clearly won re-election. It is a blight on the history of our country that the United States is now being forced to live a lie.  


For the historical record, here are documents that lay out the facts. The documents detail the election rigging across numerous states, who “the players were,” how each part of the Dem/Biden playbook was carefully timed and implemented, the way that the “grand finale” Capitol breach was orchestrated and then blamed on Trump and his 75,000,000 million supporters, the Antifa/Black Lives Matter perpetrators behind the chaos, the Dems/RINO’s/Big Tech/Biden psychological manipulation of the American public through censoring and shutting down their means of communication, and the implementation of socialism/Communism across our Democratic Constitutional Republic.  

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