“For Texas House Speaker – Do Not Need RINO” 

By Donna Garner

A hand writing " make the right decision ".


 Under [Tex. House Rep.] Dade Phelan’s leadership, Texas [House] Democrats were allowed to break quorum and have suffered no consequences for putting taxpayers on the hook for three special sessions.

 Now, as we approach another legislative session, Phelan plans to reward Democrats who broke quorum with committee chairmanships and has refused to articulate his support for the Texas GOP’s legislative priorities.

 Earlier this week, incoming House Democrat Caucus Chair Trey Martinez Fischer was asked by the Texas Observer about breaking quorum. Not only did he say he thought it helped Democrats achieve their objective of weakening the election integrity bill, but he also refused to rule out employing the strategy again.

 Texas Republicans deserve a Republican speaker who will fight for them and their priorities.

I look forward to giving every House Republican a chance to vote for a Republican Speaker of the House when the Texas Legislature convenes in


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