2.10.24 (originally published on 7.10.22)  

“The Real Plan for America – Michelle Obama As President”

By Donna Garner


Recently on his radio show, Dan Bongino (who served in the New York City Police Department and the Secret Service) said that some things never change.  As an example, he referred back to the days of David Dinkins who was the Dem mayor of New York City right before Republican Rudy Giuliani came in and cleaned up NYC.

Bongino said what happened then is the very same pattern that always happens over and over with the Dems and their liberal-leftist policies.

Here is the pattern:

The liberals elect a Dem leftist (e.g., David Dinkins, Biden, etc.) who then dutifully instigates the Dem leftist agenda.

When the leftist agenda fails (which it will every, single time), the same leftist cabal who elected the Dem leftist turns on him.

Instead of blaming their liberal/leftist policies for the failures, they blame the elected official.

That is what is happening right now with Biden.

Instead of the liberals and their all-too-willing media blaming Biden’s 
FAR-LEFTIST POLICIES for their agonizing and predictable failures, the left-winger radicals are turning on Biden and blaming him personally. This is beginning to happen right now.

New York Times is leading the way toward putting the blame all on Biden who has been dutifully carrying out the leftists’ disastrous policies which will fail every, single time.  These failed policies are causing:

  • supply chain problems
  • baby formula/tampon shortages
  • more than 8,000 illegal aliens crossing the border each day with their human trafficking and fentanyl
  • gasoline prices in U. S. in Biden’s first year up more than 66% -- largest increase since 2002
  • cancellations of pipelines, oil/gas leases
  • Strategic Petroleum Reserve at lowest level in 40 years while selling oil to Chi-Coms who want to destroy America
  • soaring interest rates
  • worst inflation in 40 years
  • poisoning of children’s minds with CRT/LGBTQ indoctrination
  • shrinking the military through woke mandates
  • punishing 60,000 National Guard and Reservists for not getting COVID jab
  • 70 million babies killed in the womb since 1973
  • over July 4th weekend in Chicago, 71 people shot with 8 killed

Dan Bongino said the leftists “guard” their failed policies from blame while throwing the Dem electee “under the bus.”

Of course, Biden does make it quite easy for the left-wingers to put the blame on him because he has now surpassed Jimmy Carter as being the worst President the United States has ever had --- not to mention the fact that Biden is an illegitimate President in the first place.

The leftist-radicals are also turning on Kamala because they have to get her out of the way to forge the way for their REAL plan to be revealed.  



I am not a political analyst, but here is what I believe the real plan of the far leftists is. 

At exactly the right time when Biden and Kamala have become the laughing stock of the entire world, Michelle Obama will step in to become “the Savioress.” 

The first Black, female President – what could serve the leftists better?

Since undoubtedly the Obamas have been pulling the strings behind figurehead Biden the whole time, it will be easy enough for them to promote Michelle as the person to “rescue” the already deceived masses.

We need to be ready to unmask the Obamas for what they really are -- the evil epitome of all that is bad for America.



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