“Gina Parker for TCCA Judge – Wants Voter Fraud Prosecuted by TAG”

From Donna Garner

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER: To understand how very important it was for Gina Parker and other conservative judges to run in the March primary and to win positions on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (TCCA) on Nov. 5, 2024, please first read the series of four articles that I wrote posted at the bottom of this page. 

Bottom line: For some years, George Soros has been carrying out his strategy to turn America “blue.”  He has devised a plan to “buy” local leftist district attorneys.  

Then in Texas he used a little-known court (TCCA) to get them to rule in State v. Stephens that the Texas Attorney General must get permission from the local district attorneys (DA’s) before he can prosecute cases of voter fraud. 

Most Texans “were asleep” and did not realize how serious this 12.20.21 TCCA ruling was. 

Thankfully TAG Paxton and other top Republican leaders in Texas stepped up to endorse TCCA candidates such as Gina Parker who recognize the serious flaws in the 12.20.21 TCCA ruling. 

Gina Parker knows that it has been court precedent for 70 years as set forth in the Texas Constitution that gives the TAG the authority to prosecute crimes. 

Voter fraud certainly falls under the definition of “crimes.”


Waco Tribune-Herald

“TAG Paxton’s Sway Seen in Attorney’s Primary Defeat of Long-Time High Court Judge”

by Matt Kyle 


Excerpts from this Waco Tribune article:


Gina Parker is heading to the Nov. 7 general election after defeating a 23-year incumbent in the Republican primary this month for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Parker was one of three GOP candidates who ousted sitting judges on Texas’ highest criminal court, with the backing of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Those three incumbents, including Parker’s opponent,
Barbara Hervey of San Antonio, were among eight who ruled against Paxton in a 2021 case that restricted Paxton’s power to prosecute election fraud cases.

In a Tribune-Herald interview, Parker said the court’s ruling in that case heavily influenced her decision to run. She won nearly 67% of the vote in the contest statewide and nearly 81% in McLennan County

Parker said she wanted to run for the court to “uphold the rule of law,” and said if elected, she wants the court to hear more oral arguments, be more transparent when it comes to disclosing political contributions, and increase the overall number of issued opinions and speed in which they are issued.

In addition to Hervey, Michelle Slaughter and Presiding Judge Sharon Keller were defeated in the primary…

In November, Parker faces Democratic nominee Nancy Mulder, currently a district judge in Dallas, and Libertarian nominee Mark Ash, a Houston attorney who ran for attorney general in 2022.

…Meanwhile, David Schenck, the Republican nominee for presiding judge, was a judge on the Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals from 2015 to 2022…



…[Gina] Parker was raised in Waco and received her law degree from Baylor Law School in 1986. She served as a Bell County prosecutor from 1987 to 1990 and a McLennan County prosecutor in 1990 and 1991. Since then, she has practiced as a defense attorney.

Parker said she has over 30 years of experience as a defense attorney, working primarily on felony and misdemeanor defense as well as juvenile cases.

Parker said voters resonated with her long background in criminal law on both the defense and the prosecutorial sides. 

She also said she believes voters, especially on the Republican side, want to feel the candidates they elect will uphold their values and be trustworthy.

“I think more importantly than anything for Republican voters, they wanted to know: ‘Do you share our conservative values?’” Parker said. "'Do I trust this person? Are they qualified?’ And when it came to the issue of, ‘Am I qualified?’ I don’t think they just looked at judicial experience. They looked at all your legal experience, your life experience.”



Parker said she isn’t close with the attorney general and only spoke with him a handful of times prior to the election. She said she decided to run before Paxton endorsed her, with the ruling in the 2021 State v. Stephens case playing a major role in her decision to seek office.

State v. Stephens stems from an incident in which the Jefferson County district attorney did not pursue charges against county Sheriff Zena Stephens over 2016 campaign finance allegations. Paxton stepped in and attempted to prosecute Stephens with an indictment in neighboring Chambers County. In response to a challenge of his prosecution, the
 Court of Criminal Appeals issued a ruling against Paxton in December 2021.

The court ruled 8-1 that Paxton’s attempt to prosecute State v. Stephens was a violation of the separation of powers in the Texas Constitution.
The court stated the Attorney General’s Office should only be involved in such cases when invited by local prosecutors.

In response, Paxton attacked the court
(TCCA), saying the ruling allowed rogue district attorneys to ignore cases of voter fraud.

Parker said she considered the ruling incorrect, pointing to a statute in Texas’ election law which states “the attorney general may prosecute a criminal offense prescribed by the election laws of this state.”

Parker also said the sole dissenter in the case,
Criminal Appeals Judge Kevin Yeary, argued in his opinion that the court was ignoring the precedent of a 1909 Texas Supreme Court case, State v. Brady, and a 1987 Court of Criminal Appeals case, Meshell v. State, which ruled the Texas Constitution gave the attorney general the power to prosecute crimes.

Parker also said many elected officials in Texas opposed the court’s ruling.

“Probably the most significant comment comes from Governor Abbott, who basically said that the attorney general is Texas’s highest law enforcement officer and has the constitutional authority to enforce the election integrity law,”
Parker said. 

…I agree with all these elected officials, Attorney General Ken Paxton, the lieutenant governor, our ag commissioner.  I think it was 14 senators that participated in a court brief. So there were a lot of people who did not agree with the
[TCCA] decision.”



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