The Facts Are a Powerful Tool - Biden’s Failures and the 2024 Campaign”

By Donna Garner

A group of people walking on the same street.

We know what is coming in 2024 – the deluge of constant lies that will be spewed by the Dems and the Biden campaign.  After all, the Dems do not have to pay a thing for the free campaign publicity that they constantly receive from the mass media and the leftists on social media platforms.  


As a friend once said, “how CORNVENIENT” for the Dems!


How can we who are desperately trying to keep The Great American Way for the sake of this and future generations counter the leftists’ lies?


For one thing, we need to make sure we ourselves know the facts; and with the chaos that is constantly swirling around us as we try to battle the lies of the current “regime” while at the same time trying to protect our families, we need help.  


Hopefully this is where my website can be of assistance.


DonnaGarner.org is meant to be a place of truth where the public can seek answers to equip themselves. It takes confidence to step out courageously, but that confidence can come from knowing the verifiable facts.     


Here are four articles that may help all of us to remember with clarity the past events and to gain insight into what the Dems may be planning for 2024 as they continue in their efforts to make America the laughingstock of the world.    


Once we gain clear insight, then we will be better able to share those insights with our families, friends, and neighbors.


Let’s remember the coin thrown into the big water tank. One little ripple (that’s you and I) can impact hundreds of people around us, and we can win back our country in 2024.  



1.22.22 -- “Biden’s Costly Halt of Border Wall Construction” -- by Henry W. Burke --  https://donnagarner.org/bidens-costly-halt-of-border-wall-construction/


3.13.21 -- “Full List of Biden’s Destructive Executive Orders” -- by Donna Garner --   https://donnagarner.org/full-list-of-bidens-destructive-executive-orders/


1.1.21 – White House – “Full List of the Trump Administration’s Accomplishments As of 1.1.21 – Let We Forget” -- https://donnagarner.org/1-1-21-white-house-full-list-of-trumps-accomplishments-as-of-1-1-21-lest-we-forget/

7.10.22 -- “The Real Plan for America – Michelle Obama As President” -- by Donna Garner -- https://donnagarner.org/the-real-plan-for-america-michelle-obama-as-president/