“Mike Pence – Friend or Foe of U. S.?”

By Donna Garner

Now we have Mike Pence running for President. I certainly do not want him as my President!

With our nation being saturated with feelings, personal opinions, emotions, AI, robotic algorithms, Chi-Coms, leftist Dems, Tik Tok, social media platforms, Big Tech, Big Govt., RINO’s, and leftist mass media, we citizens have to try very hard to find verifiable FACTS.

This is where my website comes in – DonnaGarner.org. I have now spent thousands of dollars taken out of my limited savings to create my website which now houses well over 1,600 fact-based, well-documented articles on it.

My website is not monetized in any way, and I have no vested interests. GoDaddy has done a great job of building the site, and I have provided all of the content.

With blatant lies surrounding us in our culture and with our nation and world spinning seemingly out of control, we concerned citizens and voters must have a place to go to get the FACTS.

Besides that, we are besieged constantly with liars and cowards at all levels of our government who deliberately try to confuse us.

Back to Mike Pence – can we believe his rhetoric? What is his actual record? What are the facts surrounding him, and is he a viable candidate for President of the United States? 

The Bush globalist cabal thinks so. I feel sure they are funding a large part of Mike Pence’s PAC, and I believe he has actually been running for President even while he was the VP under Trump.

What can be learn about Mike Pence? What has he done in the past? 

This is where my website comes into play. What we need to know is what Mike Pence did in real time. What were the FACTS at the time that events were occurring?

We can now go to one place – one website – to do a simple SEARCH to find out what the FACTS are – DonnaGarner.org



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