6.6.24 – Texas Scorecard

“Doctor Indicted by DOJ for Exposing Ongoing Chemical Castration Procedures”

By Will Biagini


A doctor has been indicted for allegedly violating HIPAA rules after exposing the continuation of chemical castration procedures at Texas Children’s Hospital. 

Eithan Haim is set to appear in court on Monday and is facing four felony counts for revealing that the institution was still performing sterilization procedures on minors after it had
pledged to stop. 

Several years ago, the hospital reportedly touted its support for transgenderism—with medical professionals blatantly administering cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to gender-confused minors. The hospital subsequently came under pressure from the public, forcing CEO Mark Wallace to announce that the program would be shut down.

according to Haim, that was not true in the slightest. 


Documents show that the hospital continued to perform gender interventions despite its CEO claiming otherwise. 

In June of 2023, as Haim was set to graduate from the hospital’s residency program, he was visited by federal agents and threatened with prosecution by Assistant U.S. Attorney Tina Ansari for leaking the medical information.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed
Senate Bill 14, which prohibits physicians from performing gender mutilating procedures on minors, into law that same month. 

Manhattan Senior Fellow and activist Christopher Rufo reports that one of Haim’s attorneys, Marcella Burke, says that Haim is looking forward to the opportunity to tell his side of the story in a court of law. 

Haim is requesting public
financial support (
https://www.givesendgo.com/texas_whistleblower) to meet his goal of $500,000

I knew that speaking out would necessarily put myself and my family at great risk, but after experiencing the extent of the corruption first-hand, it became clear that silence would never be an option,
wrote Haim. We paid (and are paying) an enormous price. We spent the entirety of our retirement, investments, savings, and almost all of our disposable income to pay the legal bills to keep the case alive.

Haim also said that his name has been leaked to leftist activists who have defamed him and attacked his medical reputation. 

Every dollar will work towards dismantling the legal and political regime attempting to keep medical professionals like me silent,
he said.



6.6.24 -- “DOJ Indicts Whistleblowing Surgeon for Exposing Transgender Procedures at Texas Children’s Hospital – By David Zimmermann – National Review -- DOJ Indicts Whistleblowing Surgeon for Exposing Transgender Procedures at Texas Children's Hospital | National Review

Excerpts from National Review:

Rufo, who reviewed the records himself before publishing the 
initial article, denies that the documents exposed the personal information of patients. For my own part, I can confirm that nothing in the information provided to me identified any individual; all the documents were, in fact, carefully redacted, the journalist wrote in his latest City Journal story, in which he broke the news that Haim had been indicted.

Assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Texas Tina Ansari, whose office is leading the criminal investigation, argues Haim had no right to share the medical records of minor patients with the public.

However, she [Tina Ansari] neglected to mention that the documents disclosed were not patient charts, were redacted to protect sensitive patient information, and complied with HIPAA, which permits anonymized information to be disclosed generally, and even protected information can be publicized if it’s used to stop egregious medical misconduct.




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