8.2.23 – C&C News
“Trump’s Jan. 6 Indictment – Good News – Proof of Election Rigging To Be Revealed”
By Jeff Childers – with comments from Donna Garner 

COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  Jeff Childers is a well-known attorney and author of C&C News. He explains in the excerpts below that the Jan. 6 indictment yesterday of Donald Trump is GOOD NEWS because the prosecutors will have to prove that election rigging did not occur which, of course, it did.  Finally, because of “discovery,” the facts will come pouring out for everyone to see.  Remember that Trump and others were previously blocked by the Dems/RINO’s from ever being able to release the election rigging facts in a court of law, and people in Trump’s own party such as Mike Pence were responsible for the takeover of our country by the corrupt Biden administration.  I trust that after Pence’s vitriolic statement against Trump yesterday that Pence’s poll numbers will fall to an all-time low.

Thanks to my websiteDonnaGarner.orgthe public can now read articles which have been memorialized that prove how and where election rigging occurred and who was behind it. Please read my article to learn more about Jan. 6, election rigging, and the part that Mike Pence played in helping our country to fall into the disastrous hands of Biden and his administration:

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Excerpts from Jeff Childers’ C&C News article:

This newest indictment includes four counts, for mainly two reasons: that President Trump “conspired to defraud the United States,” and that he “conspired to interfere with the certification of the election.”

In a long series of poorly-considered Trump cases, this is one of the dumbest yet.

First, nearly all the conduct described in the four counts is speech, and not just speech, but political speech.

Political speech is the most protected kind of speech under the Constitution’s First Amendment.

my initial take is that the counts can’t survive without rewriting the Constitution.

The situation is slightly more complicated because the DOJ framed the counts as “fraud,” which is a type of speech that isn’t protectable, but that raises its own problems.

Even if Trump did lie, which is debatable, lying isn’t illegal, not without something more, like being under oath, or harming someone who relied on the lie.

So the DOJ must first prove Trump lied, and then it must marry the lies to something else that can except them from First Amendment protection.

Which brings us to the DOJ’s next big problem, which is an interesting twist.

A central material issue in this shiny new indictment is the truth or falsity of whether significant 2020 election fraud occurred or not. After all, the DOJ is claiming that Trump “lied” about election fraud, thereby — ironically — committing a fraud of his own.

Now cast your mind back two years. Remember that none of Trump’s 2020 lawsuits ever got a chance to present evidence, since they were all dismissed on technical or procedural grounds. None of them got to take discovery, either.

But this time, now that he and his lawyers are defendants in a criminal case, President Trump can not only put on evidence of election fraud, but he MUST. And before that, he will have the right to conduct discovery under the demanding federal rules. And they’re not going to like it.

And, while I’m sure the giddy prosecutors are currently planning to just sit back and make Trump’s lawyers prove there was election fraud, the prosecutors will soon confront another unpleasant surprise related to what they must prove.

Right now, the prosecutors think proving their case will be easy and they won’t have to do much. But, as Trump’s lawyers begin to assemble evidence of election fraud — much of which was already pulled together in 2020 (but never considered by a court) — the DOJ prosecutors will start to realize at some point that they can’t just remain silent. They don’t see it yet, but they will eventually have to prove the negative; they will have to prove that election fraud didn’t happen.

They can’t just rely on “everybody knows” there wasn’t voter fraud. They can’t just wave their hands at the dismissed 2020 cases. They’ll almost certainly have to prove the absence of fraud.

And that, they cannot prove.

Not only because proving a negative is incredibly difficult, but because it’s already very clear there was significant fraud, as demonstrated by sources like 2,000 mules. Plus, the more they look into whether fraud happened, the more it will hurt the government case.


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