“COVID and Its Pack of Lies: My Story”

By Donna Garner

My website DonnaGarner.org (a free public information website) has 10 category boxes on it. One of those is COVID.  

People may wonder what a mother, a grandmother, and a retired school teacher could possibly know about COVID.  

Let me tell you my story:



In early Nov. 2019, the phone rang. It was a surgeon calling (I will refer to him as DR. 1). I later learned that he is a world-renowned surgeon with a son who is a highly trained specialist in monoclonal antibodies (especially viruses) and vaccines. I will call him DR. 2.

Later I learned from a source (referred to as DR. 3), who worked for the U.S. government intelligence agencies in the area of cyber-intelligence and bioterrorism, that everything DR. 1 and DR. 2 had told me in Nov. 2019 was true.] 

I have never revealed the names of these doctors even to my closest family members and friends.
When you hear the rest of this story, you will understand why. 

The surgeon (DR. 1) said to me, “Mrs. Garner, I have been reading your articles for many years; and you seem to have the ability to simplify a technical and complicated subject so that everyday people can understand it. You MUST get the truth out to the public here and in other countries.”  

He continued: 

China (specifically Wuhan, China) is known as one of the worst polluters in the entire world because of its coal plants.  Suddenly toward the end of Oct. 2019, his son (DR. 2) and the covert agencies for which he consulted had noticed that the U.S. could see no pollution over Wuhan.  

[SIDE BAR:  It is commonly known that the U.S. has over 3,000 satellites; there is probably no place in the world that our military cannot inspect from these satellites.

Why was there no pollution over Wuhan? 

After doing espionage surveillance, the cybersecurity team had learned that there were no workers to operate the coal plants. Where were they?
The workers were dead or were dying by the hundreds from a disease called “COVID.”



Back on 10.17.14, the U.S. Government announced that our country would not participate in gain-of-function research (i.e., developing in a lab a virus that could be transmitted to humans at will).  

Our intelligence agencies suspected in Nov. 2019 that the U.S. under Dr. Fauci (highest public health official in the U. S.) had been working with Chinese scientists in a Wuhan lab to do gain-of-function research to develop a bioweapon spike protein that could deliberately be spread among humans.   

Evidently toward the end of Oct. 2019 because of poorly enforced lab safety protocols in that Wuhan lab, a virus had gotten loose (COVID) and had spread into the population of Wuhan; people there were dying in such huge numbers that there were not enough hospital beds for them nor ways to dispose of their dead bodies. The coal plants (Wuhan’s main source of energy) shut down because of lack of workers – therefore, no pollution!

Of course, the Chinese Communists (Chi-Coms), who plan to take over the whole world, did not want people to know that their own people were dying by the hundreds of COVID.
They feared that Trump (President then) might take advantage of their weakness.  

Looking back, one can surmise that China probably intended eventually to steal the COVID virus from the Wuhan/U. S. lab.
However, the Chi-Coms were most certainly going to develop an antidote FIRST so that they could control who got COVID and who did not. This would give China the ability to unleash COVID against whatever nation(s) they chose while at the same time using the antidote to protect themselves. The problem is that the Chi-Coms had no antidote yet. 



Dr. Fauci and his cronies (who have made multi-millions from the COVID vaccines and from Big Pharma and the federal government) undoubtedly panicked because they knew their “secret” work in the Wuhan lab with the Chinese would soon be known all around the world.  

Dr. Fauci did not want to be blamed for the multi-thousands of COVID deaths that were surely coming!

What to do…
A pack of lies was fabricated by Dr. Fauci and his team.  Soon the public was being told that COVID had come from bats, or it had come out of the wild, or it had come from fish markets in China. All of these were complete lies, and Dr. Fauci knew they were.  

DR. 1 told me that I must get the truth out to the public because panic had begun to set in. The lies were being spun almost daily by Dr. Fauci, et al. Each lie led to an even bigger lie until nearly the whole world was being deceived by the many lies. 



I reminded DR. 1 that I was not a medical expert and that I could not write an article on a medical issue because I had no background in medicine.

DR. 1 (who soon became a very good friend) promised that he would provide me with the finest scientific/medical research from around the world.  

He said he would become my tutor on the subject of COVID, and he lived up to his word. He spent hours and hours helping me.

DR. 1 also spoke about his own patients whom he treated daily. He said that once the COVID vaccines were available, he saw his patients who had become his close friends suffer adverse events such as horrible inflammatory arthritis that migrated through their bodies, skin lesions, VI cranial nerve palsy, shingles, serious allergic reactions, and cardiac arrest. 

Almost daily, DR. 1 would send me the research; I would struggle to read and understand the content; I would then e-mail him my take on the subject; he would either correct my article or would call me on the phone to explain various medical terms. 



For over four years, DR. 1 has been my mentor. I published many articles trying to warn people of the COVID lies and to tell them about the successful treatments of COVID using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and/or ivermectin. 

DR. 1 told me in the first year and a half of COVID that a proof-of-concept trial by a French infectious disease expert had shown that HCQ, Zinc, and Azithromycin were effective against COVID. 

DR. 1 also told me that when Fauci, the CDC, et al. withheld early therapy for a respiratory virus infection (COVID), that that made no sense and would lead to many deaths which unfortunately turned out to be all too true.  

I was censored by Facebook and banned for life. I would try to e-mail articles to my contact lists but many times would be blocked by Google, etc. 

However, whether or not I could get my articles sent out successfully, I continued to research, write, and publish articles on COVID and the fallacious information coming out about the COVID jabs that stated the jabs would prevent people from getting COVID – a complete lie. 

More data is coming out almost daily now documenting the fact that many people who got the COVID jabs are at a higher risk of having depressed immune systems which keeps them from being able to fight off various diseases and health problems. 

I also published well-written studies from medical doctors and researchers that proved masks and social distancing were built upon lies. 

[SIDE BAR: Thankfully Pres. Trump shut down our U.S. borders to travelers from China on 1.31.20 which undoubtedly kept thousands more of them from flooding into America as “walking COVID time bombs.”] 


After my dear husband of 58 years died of Lewy body dementia (a truly terrible disease) in Oct. 2021, I received a small IRS refund because of the medical expenses of his being in eight healthcare facilities in seven months leading up to his death.

[Side bar: The whole time that I was trying to get the truth out about COVID, we ourselves were in healthcare facilities where we were required to follow the masking/distancing protocols. I personally spent 12 hrs. a day having to wear an N-95 mask – all the while knowing the research that proved the masks did no good and in fact caused people to develop respiratory ailments because of the masks forcing them to inhale the polluted carbon dioxide.] 

Knowing how much my husband always supported my researching, writing, and publishing endeavors, I knew he would want me to create a free public information website
(DonnaGarner.org) where I could memorialize the truth from many fact-based, well-documented writers including publishing my own articles. The website is a type of tribute to him.

Even though so many medical/scientific COVID articles and courageous healthcare workers were censored and banned, I kept the all-important articles safe on my computer.  

When I launched my website in the spring of 2022, I filled the COVID category box with multitudinous articles surrounding the COVID pandemic – all are easy-to-read, fact-based, and well-documented. 



When a person goes to my website
(DonnaGarner.org), he/she will find huge numbers of COVID articles – some written by me but many others written by very capable writers. 

I made sure to put the date of publication, the person(s) who wrote the article, and the original link(s) to the article for purposes of documentation of sources used. 



This means that all of us can see now exactly when a particular piece of scientific/medical information on COVID was published and when we in the public should have been allowed to read the article(s) instead of the truth-filled articles being censored and banned.    


DonnaGarner.org helps to break the wall of censorship and indoctrination of those people (such as Dr. Fauci) who tried to keep us ignorant of the truth about COVID.  



Regarding my website:  I collect absolutely no contact information, solicit no money to pay for the website, and, therefore, have no conflicts of interest. GoDaddy keeps my website safe from hackers. 

All of the articles on my site are based upon facts (not blogs full of personal opinions), and I try as best I can to provide the links to the original publications. 

The SEARCH engine on the site works very nicely and can easily be utilized to help readers to find all of the articles as listed by subject, by author, by title, and/or by publishing date. 



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