“Plano ISD, Texas -- Parents Get 64 of 67 Explicit Books Removed from Campus Libraries”

From Donna Garner

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  I wish to commend all of the concerned parents in Plano ISD who worked very hard reviewing these 67 library books which contain explicit sexual content. 

Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF) put so much pressure on the Plano ISD administration that 64 of these books have been removed from the campus libraries. This shows the value of concerned parents working together to achieve a goal of protecting their children’s minds and hearts from erotic content. 

Now other parents around the United States can utilize this list to help remove these books from their children’s schools.  

We must all remember that there is no way for children to “un-see.” The time to act is BEFORE students are exposed to filth.

Plano ISD, Plano, Texas – 64 of 67 library books with explicit content have been removed from the Plano ISD campus libraries.

Here is the link to the updated list of books:  


Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF) is a grassroots group who helped Plano families raise awareness about the sexual content of books available to students.  

News release by CDF on 11.2.23: 


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