4.16.24 – The Texan 

“Obama-Backed Democratic Redistricting Group Eyeing Texas Supreme Court Seats”

By Brad Johnson

[COMMENTS BY DONNA GARNER: The bottom line to this article is that the Obama-led group (National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) is spending big bucks to take over three Texas Supreme Court seats from Justice John Devine, Justice Jimmy Blacklock, and Justice Jane Bland. 

What this means for voters is that “smear jobs” of these three will increase as our national elections on Nov. 5, 2024 approach. 

Voters in other states will also see the same tactics used against their conservative supreme court justices.

Even going into the March 5, 2024 Primary, Justice Devine was constantly plagued with outrageous lie after lie. 

Thankfully he and the other two justices made it through the primaries, but all three have Dem challengers on Nov. 5, 2024. 


When we see such things, we will know that Obama’s NDRC is behind them as he and his ilk (including Biden et al.) continue their efforts to destroy our Constitutional Republic.


Excerpts from this article:

Obama-Backed Democratic Redistricting Group Eyeing Texas Supreme Court Seats | Elections | The Texan

The National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) is targeting the three Texas Supreme Court seats on the ballot this November.

The group, chaired by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder under the Obama administration
announced its 2024 electoral priorities last week which places the Texas court tenth on its numbered list.

“From maintaining or putting in place egregiously gerrymandered maps to ballot measures that infringe on the right to vote and, more generally, rolling back fundamental, and once assumed, rights, today’s Republican Party has embraced MAGA extremism,” Holder said in a release. “Its political fate is dependent upon voter suppression to maintain power, including through partisan and racial gerrymandering.”

[Sidebar --
Of course, whatever Obama/Eric Holder/Biden/Dems say is exactly the opposite of the truth. In fact, one of the best methods for us voters to know what is actually true is to listen to these Dems. 

Whatever they accuse MAGA of doing is exactly what they are doing themselves. 

For instance, when they say MAGA is gerrymandering, that means the Dems are doing exactly that – gerrymandering.  That is why so few of their cases have held up in court – because they want gerrymandered districts where they can win and destroy America.  

Case in point:  Please keep reading and see what NDRC orchestrated in Wisconsin.

The group’s section on courts reads,
“State Supreme Courts have the power to review and, if necessary, overturn redistricting plans that are unfair or unconstitutional.”

“[NDRC] achieved a pro-democracy majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which then issued a decision that led to the state legislature’s enactment of new, fairer state legislative maps.”

Former President Barack Obama
touted the group’s target list, saying, “This year, the [NDRC] is investing in several state-level elections and backing candidates who are key to stopping anti-democratic agendas…”

Multiple lawsuits were filed over the Texas Legislature’s 2021 redistricting maps, none of which succeeded in state and federal court. 

Those losses supplied the onus for the group’s focus on the Texas Supreme Court this year which has three races on the ballot: Justice Jimmy Blacklock against DaSean Jones, Justice John Devine against Christine Weems, and Justice Jane Bland against Bonnie Lee Goldstein.

The incumbents are all Republicans facing Democratic challengers.

Texas is an R-56% state according to The Texan’s 
Texas Partisan Index

No Democrat has won a statewide race in three decades.

The Texas Supreme Court is the highest court in the state on civil matters, but the Court of Criminal Appeals
[for which conservative Gina Parker is running] holds that stature on criminal ones.

The group’s PAC spent $17,000 in the 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court race that Democrat Janet Protasiewicz won, securing a Democratic majority on the court.

NDRC’s account with the Texas Ethics Commission from January 
shows $286,000 cash on hand. Most of the group’s spending during the second half of 2023 went to its National Redistricting Action Fund, the 501(c)(4) arm of the group.

In targeting the Texas Supreme Court seats, the group hopes to gain some ground ahead of the next redistricting fight in 2031. 

Each cycle, three court seats are up for election though Democrats have a long way to go before securing a court majority — lacking even one seat on the body.



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