9.21.23 – Tucker Carlson on X (formerly known as Twitter)

“Tucker Carlson – First To Interview TAG Paxton After Impeachment Failed”

From Donna Garner

[Comments from Donna Garner – It is always difficult to transcribe an interview because in an auditory, conversational setting, people tend to move freely from one issue to the next.  I have done my best to state what I believe was said; but it is up to the reader to verify the contents of this interview between Tucker Carlson and TAG Paxton.] 

9.20.23 – Tucker Carlson and his interview with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton – first interview since Paxton was cleared of all charges in the impeachment trial – 46:43 minute video:  https://x.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1704665052031172641?s=20


Important points made in the interview:

TAG Paxton has filed 48 suits against the Biden administration in 2 years with 77% of them won by Paxton. 

A secret group had been working since March 2023 on the plan to impeach TAG Paxton.  The House found out about the impeachment plan only 48 hours before they had to take a vote on whether or not to send it to the Senate.  No sworn statements and no oaths were required before sending Paxton to the Senate for impeachment. 

TAG Paxton who was elected by the people was immediately suspended from his job with no real proof.  [If this could happen to him based on hearsay, it could happen to anyone.]

Paxton’s salary was stopped; a gag order was placed upon him so that he could not defend himself; he could not say anything to the press; and all the while the House was leaking information to the mass media. 

The House hired 14 lawyers to prosecute the TAG. Two of the four impeachment lawyers had worked for Biden’s DOJ. Paxton believes that the Biden administration was heavily involved in the “cabal” to take him out as TAG.

Paxton named those who were involved in the cabal to impeach him: House Speaker Dade Phelan, Karl Rove, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Bush family, Wall Street Journal, millionaire David Weekley (home builder who is against border security because he hires so many illegals as workers), and Sen. John Cornyn. 

As Senator for 14 years, Sen. Cornyn has never led an effort against illegal immigration but has been all-in to send millions of dollars to Ukraine and Zelensky.  

It was Sen. Cornyn working with the Bush family who got the “Robin Hood” plan for education pushed through judicially rather than through legislation. [The Robin Hood plan got its name from the idea that money could be taken from the rich to give to the poor.] The Robin Hood Plan is a socialistic operation that gives power to state government but has not succeeded in raising academic proficiency in the low-income schools. 

[*Right now there is a growing number of Texas school districts that are refusing to comply with the “Robin Hood” plan because of its lack of proven success in actually helping students.  I believe these school districts want this to land in court because they believe there is no credible evidence to prove the Robin Hood plan’s success in doing what it is prescribed to do.] 



Before the impeachment cabal, TAG Paxton was very focused with prosecuting voter fraud to help secure voter integrity. He explained that sending mail-in ballots to ALL voters [not just to those who ask for them based upon legitimate reasons] makes it almost impossible to have honest elections.  Anybody can sign the ballot and also the affidavit, and there is almost no way to prosecute offenders because of the multi-millions of signatures which have to be compared. 

Mail-in ballots can be stuffed into mailboxes which was widely done in 2020. Georgia even quit counting votes early.  When approached about the mail-in ballot issue by the TAG’s office, Speaker of the House Phelan said they were simply too busy to get involved. 

TAG Paxton believes that the plot to impeach him ramped up in full when he began to take on Big Pharma to make them liable for lying to Texans about the lack of testing data for the COVID vaccines.  

He also had taken on the case against Google, and Big Tech [which was totally involved in censorship of those who were expressing their right to free speech] definitely wanted TAG Paxton impeached.  

The Texas Attorney General’s office is the most robust in the entire country with 800+ attorneys and heavy financial support. This is why the cabal wants so badly to destroy the TAG’s conservative agenda which impacts the entire United States. 

TAG Paxton believes there is a widely concerted effort by the cabal to turn Texas blue.  (In passing, Paxton mentioned that since Austin has cut its police force by 34%, the crime rates there are soaring.)  

TAG Paxton talked about George Soros and his efforts to take the power away from the TAG over district attorneys.  (Please read the three articles posted at the bottom of this page that have the asterisks in front of them. They explain George Soros’ efforts.) 



TAG Paxton explained that his first order of business in regaining his position will be to deal with the critical border issues which are vastly mushrooming right now.  

Other critical areas which TAG Paxton will be leading are to establish voter integrity, to protect our children from indoctrination into the gender identity crisis, and to continue with his efforts to prosecute Big Pharma and Big Tech. 


9.20.23 – Michael Q. Sullivan of Texas Scorecard and his interview with TAG Paxton after he was cleared of all charges in the impeachment trial:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNFRE6bcdrA



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